Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stolen Art! Please Spread the Word!

Please spread the word! Artist Francisco (Divine Mania) recently had 4 of his paintings stolen from the OK Gallery in Pioneer Square. The Seattle art scene is normally such a safe and supportive place, and this is a horrible thing to have happen, especially for a visiting artist.

I don't think some people realise that stealing art isn't like st
ealing from 'The Man'. It's a one-of-a-kind labour of passion that is truly irreplaceable. And for a lot of us who rely on art to make up some or all of our income, our time and materials are precious, and if a piece is stolen, that's time and materials we don't get back. It sucks pretty hard; my heart goes out to Francisco, and my boots made for kickin' go out to the person who took his work.


From Francisco:

"Four of my paintings from my most recent art show were stolen. The paintings most likely disappeared sometime during the last weekend of April. The paintings were displayed in Seattle in the main lobby of the:

OK Hotel
212 Alaskan Way S.
Seattle WA, 98104

(Otherwise known as OK Gallery during Seattle's Pioneer Square art walk.) The building is secured with code/key entry only. I have filed a police report in Seattle, and an investigation is underway by the police and the building's management. $3,600.00 worth of paintings were stolen. Everybody please keep an eye out for them, especially in the Seattle area, they might be hanging on somebody's wall, or for sale online somewhere. If you have any info about my four stolen paintings please contact me.


To the thief, if he/she sees this somewhere: I'm flattered that you liked my artwork so much, but you not only stole $3,600. worth of my artwork, you stole over 100 hours of my time and labor. You stole some of my favorite 'children.' If you return the paintings in the condition they were in when I had them hanging on the walls then I will not press charges and I will ask no questions. I simply want my artwork back, intact. The art world is competitive and difficult enough, but now I also have to worry about people who lack virtues, swooping in, and stealing over a month of my dedicated time, passion and labor? Shame on you for stealing from a poor artist. Contact me, return the artwork, no questions will be asked and no charges will be filed against you.

The artworks are shown below:

"The Sun at Midnight"
Oil on Canvas, 24", 30"

"The Language of The Birds"
Oil on Canvas 24", 36"

"Into crumpled paper, hope had collapsed."
Mixed Media on Canvas, 30", 30"

"…Our dreams lay still, one wing clutching at air."
Mixed Media on Canvas, 30", 30"

Thanks for the help everyone, and hopefully I will have my paintings returned."

Support your local art scene!

~ BCDuncan

Saturday, April 26, 2014

WEAVE Release & Vermillion Art Fair

I've found myself on Capitol Hill the last couple evenings, so I figured these two events wouldn't mind being pictured together. 

Last night I attended the WEAVE Magazine Release Party introducing WEAVE's very first publication, a celebration of the collaboration between artists in Seattle's urban and contemporary art scene featuring 5 local artists. 

WEAVE Release Party

"WEAVE’s mission is to promote and grow this art scene. [WEAVE is] a year round resource for upcoming events & exhibits, a twice yearly publication featuring Seattle artists and an organizer for WEAVE Fest, an annual festival that includes exhibitions, events, forums and temporary installations in the month of September." (from

Daniel Voelker @ WEAVE
Adream de Valdivia @ WEAVE
Robert Hargrave @ WEAVE
Kate Protage @ WEAVE
The release party included work from Adream de Valdivia, Daniel Voelker, Kate Protage, Miguel Edwards, and Robert Hargrave. Each artist has a recognisable style and a unique vision, brought together in this season's issue by the theme of shades of grey and pops of colour reminiscent of a Seattle winter.

Today is the Spring Art Fair at Vermillion, which features pop-up artist booths from some amazing local art spaces. 
Wolfram Art Consulting @ Vermillion

Blindfold Gallery @ Vermillion
I had a fantastic time catching up with Siolo Thompson (representing Wolfram Art Consulting) and Sharon Arnold of LxWxH, as well as the opportunity to meet and talk with Scott Burk of Blindfold Gallery, Beth Cullom from Cullom Gallery, and Robert Yoder of SEASON. 

Sharon Arnold, LxWxH @ Vermillion
Beth Cullom, Cullom Gallery @ Vermillion

SEASON @ Vermillion
I saw pieces I recognised from artists I know an admire and was introduced to new work, some of my favourites included a lovely series of paper cuts by Tokyo artist Ryohei Tanka and a pinhole & pigment series by Ellen Ziegler, both represented at Cullom.

"Spring Art Fair" @ Vermillion
If you aren't able to make it to the Art Fair today, make sure to check out the exhibit at SEASON tomorrow (1 day only!) in the U District, Blindfold Gallery on Cap Hill for the 2nd Thursday Art Walk, and LxWxH in Georgetown for the 2nd Saturday Art Walk! 

Support your local art scene!

Friday, April 18, 2014

U DISTRICT: Stencils, Snails & Mystics

It's the U District art walk, and the weather is mostly holding! My first stop is Trabant Coffee & Chai, and "Stencil, Pop, Vinyl" my curatorial debut in the space with artist Dave Ryan (Manticore Art), the mastermind behind the fun pop culture stencil art on records that have taken over the walls!

Dave Ryan (Manticore Art) at Trabant Coffee
You can find Dave's work in a number of communities in and around Seattle, and now the U District gets to host some of its very own. The artist is in attendance with some new pieces that might not be on display, but if you're not able to swing by this eve, you still have 2 more months to see the show! Dave will be switching out pieces as they sell, so stop back in to see new and exciting work every week!

My next stop is BC Surf + Sport and the open themed group show "Forget Me Not" featuring myself (Braden Duncan) and a few other lovely ladies: Charlie Girl, Chi, Luong, Grace Rajendran, Megon Shore, Sophie Ibarra, & Shelby Lloyd. If you're in the area, stop in and see a brand new series of Wind-Up Mini fat birds by me, a beautiful sepia-toned black bear composition by Charlie Girl, an adorably greedy snail by Megon Shore, and more! 
"Forget Me Not" at BC Surf + Sport

Continuing up the Ave, I duck into Moksha, a retail clothing space that recently converted the entire rear third of their store into an art space. They call it the Geddis Gallery, and this month they're featuring Larry and Kristina Cyr, a local duo specialising in book design, illustration, murals, stencil, and wheat pastes. Their work is bold and graphic, and is a colourful complement to Moksha's nouveau bohemian vibe.

Larry & Kristina Cyr, The Geddis Gallery at Moksha

Last, but certainly not least on my art walk list this eve (it's usually the main reason I come to the U District), is Gargoyles Statuary. Gayle, the proprietor and art walk coordinator extraordinaire, always puts on fantastic exhibits, and tonight is no exception!
Gargoyles is featuring "Spirits of Earth & Ether" the paintings of Jessica Geiger and the sculptures of K Amarak Waters, a collection of mystical creatures that hover on the cusp between twilight and starlight, this world and the next.

"Spirits of Earth & Ether" at Gargoyles

Be sure to come back next month for the U District Street Fair! All of the art spaces, and most of the retail joints will be turning out for an epic shindig! Support your local art scene!

~ BCDuncan

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Introducing: The Seattle Arts Coalition!

Art Scene Seattle would like to introduce:
The Seattle Arts Coalition!

I would like to thank all of you who have visited Art Scene Seattle over the past few years for the monthly Art Fix, Calls for Art, info on art spaces, and more! Don't worry, we're not going anywhere; we just wanted to take a moment to introduce an exciting new non-profit organisation to Seattle's art scene. It's the brain child of me (your humble narrator, Braden Duncan of BC Duncan Design) and Rachel Setzer of Setzer Studio Arts. Art Scene Seattle and the Seattle Arts Coalition will be doing a lot of cross-promoting in the upcoming months for art events, exhibitions, Calls for Art, and opportunities for artists and the public to be involved and lend support to our amazing art community.

Please take a moment to check out the Coalition, and feel free to let me or Rachel know if you have any questions or suggestions. We're here as a resource for YOU, so we need to hear from local artists and art spaces to know how we can best help you. Thanks!

A little bit about the SAC...

The Seattle Arts Coalition (SAC) is a non-profit organisation committed to providing artists with necessary tools of the professional art trade and promoting artist engagement in the Seattle community and beyond. We sponsor events for artists and artisans including exhibitions, art fairs, and forums. The SAC offers curating, installation and PR services, as well as advice and questions answered to artists interested in showing and selling their work in the Northwest.

Founded and directed by Seattle artists and curators Braden Duncan and Rachel Setzer, the SAC is our chance to share with fellow artists what we've learned in our quests to turn art making into a career. We want art and the art making process to be more accessible, available, and profitable for artists and their communities - not just locally, but nationally and globally as well. Art has the ability to direct and shift cultural perspective, and Seattle artists should be at the forefront of the contemporary art movement. It starts here in Seattle, as we encourage artists to become more active and involved in their communities, and it spreads as we all do our part to pay it forward. Please join us and help support your local art scene!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

GEORGETOWN: Mythic Stardust & Victorian Apocalypse

It's the Georgetown Art Attack, and I have the pleasure of adventuring with the lovely Walitzki sisters this evening. I head solo to the Georgetown Liquor Company, my newest curatorial acquisition, to see the HappyTime Apocalypse group show "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And We Feel Adorable)" and to hang a couple last-minute additions. The walls are filled with adorably creepy characters, just as I left them. There's so much to see, the GLC and I decided to keep the show up for a full two months, so if you missed it tonight, you'll have another chance to catch us in May!

"It's the End of the World as We Know It (And We Feel Adorable)" at the Georgetown Liquor Co

Next I stop into Krab Jab Studio whose new show "A Peculiar Alchemy" features the illustration of Norman and Tory Taber. These two have been collaborating for over 20 years, and this body of work would fit right into a Victorian children's storey.

"A Peculiar Alchemy" at Krab Jab Studio

I catch up with Redd and Roxy again at the Georgetown Arts and Cultural Centre. This month they're featuring our friend and fellow artist Seb and "Contemporary Myths" a beautifully rendered series of myths-turned-paintings. The intricate layers of detail are best appreciated in person, close enough to inhale the lingering aroma of oil, but not quite close enough to lick.

Seb, "Contemporary Myths" at Georgetown Arts & Cultural Centre
Seb with artists Redd Walitzki, Roxy Walitzki, and Jan Bosman

Our next stop is LxWxH
featuring "a•nas•to•mo•sis" a solo exhibit by Claire Johnson. The lines and patterns in Claire's newest series of landscapes reference her previous artistic focus on human anatomical structures. LxWxH is in excellent form this eve, and it's fun to catch up with curator Sharon Arnold, and artists Michael Williamson and Allyce Wood.

"a•nas•to•mo•sis"at LxWxH
Artist Michael Williamson & curator Sharon Arnold with Stan Peschel
Artists Allyce Wood & Michael Williamson with Stan Peschel
We can't stay out as late as we'd like, since we all have projects with imminent deadlines to return to, but on our way back to the truck, we have to swing into Spectrum House to see Andrew Miller (aka Mantisart)'s new work and Eight and Sand to see "Stardust" a fun star-themed group show. Eli Wolff's triptych of the Catroauts and the Starwhal is a happy end to an inspiring evening.

Andrew Miller (Mantisart) at Spectrum House
"Stardust" at Eight and Sand

There were a few shows I didn't have a chance to see, including Scott Dalrymple and Nick Gucker at Calamity Jane's and "Intruder" at Fantagraphics, and everything at Equinox... but I'll do my best to kick it down again before the end of the month.

Support your local art scene!

Friday, April 11, 2014

GREENWOOD: Wings, Encores, and Misfit Kittens

It's the Greenwood Art Walk, and there are some fun events going down at the Greenwood Collective tonight! I head first to my shared studio space, Echo Echo Gallery, where we have a transcendental flight-themed exhibit "Wings of Spring" featuring the usual suspects. We always put on a fun show, and it's a bit of a slow start, but the weather is ridiculously nice, so I suppose can understand why *some* people wouldn't to spend a sunny evening in an art cave...

"Wings of Spring" at Echo Echo Gallery

Except that there's lots of cool stuff down here! Urban Light Studios is sponsoring "To Dance in a Meadow" an art fair fundraiser for the Esthetic Evolution festival in Boise, ID coming up in June. 

"To Dance in a Meadow" at Urban Light Studios

They're also hosting the closing reception of the "Tall Buildings" show.

"Tall Buildings" (encore) at Urban Light Studios

Ryan 'Henry' Ward's Quadrapus Studio is hosting Minneapolis artist CAW who specialises in street art, intricate free-form sketches, and brightly coloured creatures on recycled materials.

CAW @ Quadrapus
I want to wander in a bit of the mild weather while I can, so my friends Chuck and Megan abscond with me and suggest an art space I've never visited before: Warlock Labs. Their poster promises "Misfit Kittens" and we're not disappointed. Artist Dalton Webb has created an adorably tragic series of watercolour & gouache kittens missing various bits and with interesting deformities. His studio mate, Scott Faulkner has a series of pen & ink pin-up ladies accessorised with various video game accoutrements. If you haven't checked out this studio yet, I highly recommend it!

Dalton Webb at Warlock Labs
Scott Faulkner at Warlock Labs

Next month's Art Walk is "The Big One" a two-day art and food festival in Greenwood, so don't miss it!

Support your local art scene!