Thursday, February 9, 2012

CAPITOL HILL: Gamma Ray, Bauhaus, Cake & Ghost

The cunning plan is art walk with a friend this eve, but, due to a series of migratory events, I'm hoofing it alone. I don't mind; it just means I can indulge my own easily distracted pace. I've actually never been to the Blitz Capitol Hill art walk before. I'm familiar with the neighourhood, but not the art scene.

First stop: my favourite shop for random adorableness, CakeSpy. It's always filled with fascinating bits of fun, but the pieces that catch my attention are a series of culinary still lives by Patianne Stevenson. They look delicious (even if they are made out of recycled cardboard).

Patianne Stevenson @ CakeSpy
 A short way down the block is Gamma Ray Games. Gretchen Fuller's stunning mosaic portraits of super heroes and pop culture idols is a perfect complement to Gamma Ray's eclectic selection of board games and comic cards. Don't mind the demonic winged rabbit in the corner. The TNT to which he's strapped probably isn't explosive...

Gretchen Fuller @ Gamma Ray Games
 I've visited two art spaces, and I realise it's been close to an hour. (Art is distracting.) Bauhaus Books and Coffee lives on the corner at the end of the block, so I stop in for a chai. A giant octopus greets me, its tentacles a vibrant shade of orange glowing amidst the gloom that shrouds the wall of books. Jesse Link has created a host of creatures, some realistic, some fantastical, and they all seem perfectly at home in Bauhaus.

Jesse Link @ Bauhaus
 The last stop of the night is Ghost Gallery. An art gallery and boutique, Ghost currently features an interesting assortment of 'miniature art', jewelry, and a collection of new and recent works by Chris Sheridan. Rich with symbolism and exquisitely executed chiaroscuro, Sheridan's paintings are an excellent end to an inspiring evening.

Chris Sheridan @ Ghost Gallery
 To-morrow: the Greenwood-Phinney art walk! Come out and support your local art scene! Cheers.

~ BCDuncan

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