Friday, March 2, 2012

FREMONT: Frame Up, Bespoke, and Pie

Perhaps I'm simply spoiled by Pioneer Square's long history of art walk spectacle, or Capitol Hill's typical late nights, but as a newcomer to the 1st Friday Fremont Art Walk, I'm a little confused that there aren't more open establishments.

Frame Up Studios is easy enough to find, and they're kind enough to provide a flyer with a map of the art walk circuit. They specialise in custom archival framing, and this evening they're featuring a selection of Seattle-centric works by non-local artists. A native of Paris, France, Ivan Mejac captures vibrant vingettes of iconic Seattle landmarks in his photographs. Painter and sign maker Sean Barton hails from the Bay Area, and his text-based pieces lend an interesting perspective to the Emerald City.

Sean Barton @ Frame Up Studios
Under the Needle @ High Dive

Next on my list is the High Dive, a venue that strives to support local artists, bands, musicians, and writers. Their showcase to-night includes 9 artists from Under the Needle Tattoo and 3 different bands. Entry is free until 9pm; the bands start up at 9.30, but I can't stick around for the musical portion of the show this eve. The art! It calls to me, and I'm certain there's more to see...

Just next door lives Hub and Bespoke, a shop that caters to Seattle's bicycle contingent with bicycle accessories, bicycle art, and pretty much all things bicycle related. The featured artist this eve is Soren O'Malley, an avid cyclist and bike mechanic, who incorporates his love of and familiarity with bicycles into his detailed print work. I'm not as avid a cyclist as I should be, but Hub and Bespoke has an atmosphere both inviting and inspiring, so I'll almost certainly be back. The free cheese doesn't hurt, and I find it impossible to leave without purchasing an incredibly comfortable pair of stripey green cashmere socks.

Soren O'Malley @ Hub & Bespoke
The bike shop is amazing, but the highlight of my evening is by far an adorable cafe called Pie. Their tiny pies, both savoury and sweet, are delicious. Try their key lime - it's rich, creamy, and totally hits the spot. I have no small experience in the arts of pie building (it's my favourite activity aside from art making), and I have to say these pie makers are pros. The featured artist is Deborah Faas, a Seattle based painter with a decidedly vintage flair. If you visit Pie on Wednesday, 14 March (Pi Day) you can take advantage of pies priced at only $3.14 a piece! Also, they're open late - until 2am on Fridays & Saturdays!

Deborah Faas @ Pie
The art spaces I've seen so far exhibit a fairly balanced cross-section of Seattle art culture, but I don't feel that I've fully experienced the Fremont community. The majority of local businesses close at 6pm on Friday nights, so a better way to explore the Fremont art scene might be to arrive earlier in the afternoon. Unfortunately, my day job keeps me busy until 6pm on Fridays, so I'll either have to re-visit Fremont another day or wait until the annual Solstice Festival.

Support your local art scene!

~ BCDuncan

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