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NOVEMBER Art Fix: Upcoming Events

If you need your art fix for the month of November (and I know I do!), here are some shows that you won't want to miss! November is traditionally a month of remembrance and of giving thanks, including the celebration of All Saints Day (1st), All Souls Day (2nd), Guy Fawkes Day (5th) and Thanxgiving (28th) which coincides with the beginning of Hannukah (a holiday mash-up that is not projected to happen again for the next 79,043 years). And if those don't tickle your fancy, try Chaos Never Dies Day (9th), Sadie Hawkins Day (13th), National Parfait Day (25th), and Square Dance Day (29th)! 

And for all of you who insist on camping out in front of department stores on the day after (or, in some cases, the night of) the day we give thanks for the things that *actually* matter and the possessions we already have... Try something different this year and support a local business. If you must buy something, consider a thing that's unique and interesting and locally sourced. Make a difference in your community and take a moment to support the artists and craftsmen who make Seattle such a vibrant and creative place to live. You can also try your hand at creating your own gifts! It's fun, I promise! 


"Madness, Magnolias & Moonlight" by Laurie Lee Brom at Roq la Rue. In her first full solo exhibition at the gallery, Laure Lee Brom takes the viewer on a Southern Gothic journey as she draws from a variety of influences including her childhood in the historical town of Charleston, South Carolina and its rich heritage of local ghost stories, as well the folk tales of the swampy Low Country. Also featured: "Across from Familiar" by Ransom & Mitchell and "Dead Language" by Sail.

"Ghosts in the Machine" at Ltd Gallery. Behind every great game is a team of talented artists that build worlds, design characters, and determine the look and feel of your gaming experience. The unique exhibition of art will delve into the personal work of the artists who created some of the most loved video games of the century. Join the art team from Bungie studios (the folks that brought you Marathon and Myth) as they show off their talented artists and give you a sneak peak at the world they are building from the exciting new game, Destiny. This show is must see for any gaming fan. Show closes 3 November.

"Minimal Art and Its Legacy" at SAM. As a reaction to the dominance of abstract painting in the 1940s and ‘50s, many artists in the 1960s turned in new directions. A growing consideration for an object’s relationship to its surrounding space and an interest in supplanting the subjective, expressive gesture of the painter with a rational pre-determined method marked much of the new work. Show closes 3 November.


Roger Bellm @ Atlas

The 1st Friday Art Walk in Fremont, Friday, 1 November from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Atlas Clothing - Curtis Ashby, Roger Bellm & William Christ
Also check out new work at ArtFX Gallery, Asgard Tavern, Bellefleur Lingerie, evo Timesinfinity Gallery, Frame Up Studios, Fremont Health Club, GiGi Retro Inspired Clothing, Hub and Bespoke, Johnson Architects, Makerhaus, Pel'MeniDumpling Tzar, Portgage Bay Goods, Sanachi Massage, Saturn, Space, Starbucks Coffee, The Sweet Spot, and more! 

The 1st Friday Art Walk in Madison Park, Friday, 1 November from 6-9pm. Featuring art from over 30 local artists! Check out new work at Cactus, Madison Kitchen, Madison Park Bakery, Park Bench Gifts, Red Wagon Toys, Starbucks,and more!

Merrilee Moore @ Bainbridge Arts & Crafts

The 1st Friday Art Walk in Bainbridge Island, Friday, 1 November from 6-8pm. Selected shows:
Bainbridge Arts &Crafts - Merrilee Moore, hot sculpted glass. Also, "Women in the Abstract" featuring more than 20 female abstract artists!
Roby KingGallery - Pamela Wachtler & Randena Walsh, oil & pastel
Also see new and exciting work at Blackbird Bakery, the BPA, Danger, Fork & Spoon, Ginger, Harbour Public House, IslandGallery, Pegasus Coffee, Pauli Dennis Gallery, PrettyStick, Sally Robinson Gallery, and more!

The 1st Friday Art Walk in Bremerton, Friday, 1 November from 5-9pm. The Kitsap Historical Society & Museum is open and FREE to the public the first Friday of every month!

The 1st Friday Art Walk in Port Orchard, Friday 1 November from 5-8pm. Join artists and downtown merchants on the first Friday evening of each month, May through October for the Port Orchard Bay Street Merchant's Association Art Walk. Over 20 artists set up their work inside and outside of businesses along Bay Street, some artists will actually be demonstrating their art. Many businesses serve food and beverages. Bring your family and friends and start off your Friday evenings once a month at the Downtown Art Walk.

Braden Duncan, "Wind-Up Mini CXI" @ Cellar Door
Zaneta Kralova @ Simon Mace

The 1st Saturday Art Walk in Port Townsend, Saturday, 2 November from 5.30-8.30pm. Selected shows: 
Cellar Door - Braden Duncan, "Mechanical Aviary", wind-up miniature watercolour birds
Red Raven Gallery - Jacqueline Chisick, "Between the Ancient Forest and the Edge of the Sea," pastel on paper. This month marks Red Raven's 2-year anniversary! Stop in and say hi!
Simon Mace Gallery - "Wonder" Northwest Painters, Victor Sandblom and Zanetka Kralova Gawronski, invite us into their wonder-filled worlds.
Also check out new work at Earthenworks Gallery, Forest Gems Gallery, Gallery 9, Northwind ArtsAlliance, Port Townsend Gallery, Williams Gallery, and more! If you get hungry along the way, stop into Elevated Ice Cream, Nifty Fifty'sDiner, Water Street Creperie, or Cellar Door (the delicious brainchild of local food afficionados Dominic Svornich and Stephanie Hoch). 

Claudia Fitch @ Cornish

"Neddy Artist Talk with Claudia Fitch" at Cornish College of the Arts, Monday, 4 November from noon-1pm. The Neddy at Cornish is pleased to announce the next event in our ongoing series of artist talks featuring past recipients of the Neddy Artist Fellowship. Please join artist Claudia Fitch (2000 Neddy Artist Fellowship Awardee in sculpture) for a discussion about her work and practice.

Affordable Art Fair

"Affordable Art Fair" at the Seattle Center, Wednesday-Sunday, 6-10 November. A fun five-day event hosting 50 galleries and a huge array of contemporary art! Our concept is simple, yet unique: an inspiring and friendly atmosphere in which you can find thousands of original paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs all under one roof, ranging from $100-$10,000, with more than half priced under $5,000. The work of young, emerging artists hangs alongside some of the biggest household names, while our Recent Graduates Exhibition provides a chance to snap up work by a future art world star.

Jeremy Kronback @ AXIS

Deborah Butterfield @ Greg Kucera Gallery

The 1st Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square, Thursday, 7 November from 5-8pm. Selected shows:
AXIS Pioneer Square - Jeremy Kronbach, paintings
The Belfry Oddities - "In Memory Of" new paintings and objects by Natalia Czajkiewicz 
Davidson Galleries - Mary Iverson, paintings and Peggy bacon, antique prints
Foster/White Gallery - Andre Petterson and Guy Laramée, paintings
Gallery IMA - "New Paintings" by David Hytone 
Greg Kucera Gallery - Deborah Butterfield, equine sculpture
SAM - "Dia de los Muertos." FREE and open to the public! Join us for a community reception with 20-piece brass band, Banda Gozona, performances and food. View the installation featuring a monumental sculptural piece and tapete (sand painting) inspired by the Oaxacan traditions for honoring their dead.
Shift - In the Gallery: "Palimpsets I" featuring 17 artists exhibiting layers of textural mark-making, process, and materiality; in the Studio: "Emanations" by Patrice M. Donohue
SOIL - "Suitcase" featuring Swiss artists Letla Goormaghtigh, Peter Aerschmann, and Sophie Schmidt. Also, "Good Manners and Great Understandings" by Julia Freeman.
Roq la Rue - Lindsey  Carr, "La Petite Singerie" and Marco Mazzoni, "Naturama." Roq La Rue is pleased to welcome back two international talents, Italian artist Marco Mazzoni and British painter Lindsey Carr.
Trabant Coffee - Yvette Endrijautski, assemblage collage
 Also check out new work at 4Culture, 57 Biscayne, Angle Gallery, Art Xchange, Core Gallery, Delicatus, Flatcolor Gallery, Gallery 110, goCstudio, Heart, Linda Hodges Gallery, Method Gallery, Nord Alley & the Alley Network Project, Occidental Square Park, OK Galley, Pioneer Square Saloon, Punch, Room 104 Gallery, SAM Gallery, Stonington Gallery, TK Artist Lofts, and more! Pioneer Square is the oldest art walk in the United States, and features over 50 galleries, studios, and other art spaces!

"Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" at Ltd Gallery, Friday, 8 November from 7-11pm. A new art show that allows the artist to move away from the cues of visual mediums and instead draw inspiration from the many wonderful characters and worlds from literature. From Edgar Allan Poe to Michael Crichton, over 40 artists will imagine their own literary favorites in a new light, including Aaron Jasinski, Augie Pagan, Christopher J Olson, Crystal Barbre, Levi Hastings, Mikeatron, Syd Brown, Tnglr, and more!

Jow Vollan @ Bherd Studios

"Alive, Awake & Aware" @ The Space is Ours

The 2nd Friday Art Walk in the Greenwood-Phinney neighbourhood, Friday, 8 November from 6-9pm. Selected shows: 
Adream Studios - "Art Release Party." Come see off Adream before Art Basel Miami! Art, drinks and music during the Greenwood artwalk! 8-11pm
Bherd Studios - "Spectral Menagerie" Seattle artists Joe Vollan and Megon Shore explore the afterworld of the animal kingdom in their collaborative exhibition, Spectral Menagerie. Ghost animals, deaths-head moths and nodding calla lilies appear in their paintings, charting a course through the afterlife that is by turns eerie, haunting and beautiful. 
Tasty - "Animal Kingdom" featuring new work by Jesse Link! Group show menagerie: Brian McGuffey, Brian Reindel, Corey Skillman, David Camisa, David Vonderlinn, Hilary Williams, Lawrence Ruelos , Michele Lynch, Simona Candini Art, and whimsical animal pottery by Cary Lane!
The Space is Ours - "Alive, Awake & Aware." November is a month of embracing all the good that comes with change. We are all alchemists, leaving one form to become another, infinite beings on an incredible journey. It is all in this moment, this moment of now. New work by Andrew Miller, Narboo, Joseph Brooks, TNGLR, and Starheadboy.
Also check out new and exciting work at Chocolatti, EchoEcho, Gainsbourg, Home Suite Home, Naked City Brewery, Two Bird Tattoo, Urban Light Studios and more! 

"Bread of the Presence" @ Form/Space Atelier

The 2nd Friday Art Walk in Belltown, Friday, 8 November from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Form/Space Atelier - "Bread of the Presence" by Jannelle Abbott. A recent graduate of Parsons School Of Design NYC, Miss Abbott considers herself to be a maker of things, mover of limbs, and writer of fictitious news. Her practices include garment design and construction with a focus on the ‘zero waste’ methodology, drawing, painting, dancing, dumpster diving, and the utilization of discarded materials. When not making, Janelle is a guide for Bill Speidel’s Underground Seattle, a studio assistant for a local fiber and stone artist, and a highly aggressive cyclist. The act of creation, however, is one means through which Miss Abbott connects with her creator.
Patricia Cameron Gallery - "The Garden of Joys" by Tatiana Garmendia
Sassafras - "Trunk Show" with four local artists and designers!

Also check out brand new work at A/NT Gallery, Bikes + Art, City Hostel Seattle, Crocodile Cafe, Pintxo & The Upstairs, Rudy's Barber Shop, Seattle Ink & Oil, Stylus Salon, and more! 

"The Survival Girls: Celebration & Book Release Party" at Bungie Studios, Saturday, 9 November from 7-10pm. Featuring a speacial introduction with author Ming Lauren Holden, first viewings of the book's original artwork by Jody Joldersma, and the opportunity to purchase limited edition print copies of the Survival Girls book. The silent auction promises some great swag from Bungie, too!

Dave Ryan @ Full Tilt

The 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Ballard, Saturday, 9 November from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Full Tilt - David Ryan, stencils on vinyl and Carlos Valdez, collage
Check out new work at Annie's Art &Frame, Art & Soul, Ballard Metal Arts, Ballard Works, The BalMar, Blowing Sands Glass Studio, Building C Studios, Cupcake Royal, Filthy Rich, Habitude, Kiss Cafe, Liberte, Miro Tea, Monster Art & Clothing, Nightingale Gallery, Savour, Spark Studio, the Sunset Tavern, Venue, and more!

The 2nd Saturday Art Walk in the Central District, Saturday,
9 November from 6-9pm. Check out new happenings at the Neptune Gallery Sculpture Garden, Atelier Autumnthing, Hi-Spot Cafe, Pratt Fine Art Centre, Twilight Exit and more!

Echo Chernik @Krab Jab
Julia Hensley @ LxWxH

The 2nd Saturday Art Attack in Georgetown, Saturday 9 November from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Krab Jab Studios - "Art of Roleplaying 2," a menagerie of original art from games and settings such as Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, and Star Wars to name but a few. Over 16 artists will be represented and nearly 30 pieces of art and prints spanning nearly 30 years of gaming. Featured artists include Eco Chernik, Heather Hudson, Mark Tedin, Raven Mimura, Sam Araya, and more!
LxWxH Gallery - "Star Systems" by Julia Hensley. Star Systems is an installation by Julia Hensley, of abstract collage paintings and paintings on canvas inspired by the universe and technology. Hard-edged squares play off washes of color in response to NASA images and translated into a messy, futuristic vision. A suite of six Star Songs recorded by the artist and presented as cds in a limited, handmade edition expands this vision into the sonic realm.
LxWxH Subscription Project - "Every Day." This individual artist set features original work by Rumi Koshino and a chapbook by Jennifer Borges Foster. Titled LxWxH (xED) -"EveryDay", this issue of LxWxH is a languid study of fleeting moments in daily life both beautiful and tragic, and sometimes quiet. $150 for the set.
Also check out new work at American Pie, Artcore Tattoo, Belle & Whissel, Fantagraphics Bookstore, Georgetown Arts & Cultural Centre, Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, Nautilus Studios, The Roving Gallery, Smarty Pants, Totally Blown Glassworks, Two Tartes Cafe, Wax Expressions, and more!

The 2nd Wednesday Art Walk in Wallingford takes place May-September from 6-9pm.
Check out new work at the Assistance League Thrift Shop, Blue Star Cafe, Cafe Appasionato, Chocolati, Cutz Meridian, Frame Central, Fuel Coffee, Kerf Gallery, Lucky 7 Salon, Seamonster Lounge, Seattle Mosaic Arts and more! Don't forget to stop into Archie McPhee's as well! It doesn't exactly showcase 'art,' but you won't be disappointed...

"24-Hour Art Marathon" @ CoCA

"CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon & Auction" at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club, Thursday & Friday, 14 & 15 November, 9am-9am. CoCA presents the 21st annual 24-hour art marathon! Twenty-one emerging and established artists will fire up their temporary on-site studios for 24 hours of intensive creativity and controlled pandemonium to produce artwork for Friday's auction. Stop by anytime to watch the artists do their thing. Participating artists: Aaron Filion, Anna Macrae, Anne Marie Grgich, Casey Curran, Chris Crites, Crystal Barbre, Curtis Ashby, David Francis, Jessica Dodge, Jody Joldersma, John Osgood, Kim Merritt, Lyle Carbajal, Mario Lemafa, Naoko Morisawa, Natalie Niblack, Paul Komada, Phil McGaughty, Ronald Hall, Seb Barnett & Siolo Thompson. Free admission and parking to the "Artists Appreciation Party" (Thursday, 14 November from 7-9pm). Tickets available to the "21st Gala Dinner & Auction" (Friday, 15 November from 6-9pm).

Jennifer Zwick @ Ghost Gallery

The 2nd Thursday Art Walk in Capitol Hill, Thursday, 14 November from 5-9pm. Selected shows:
Cloud Gallery at Frame Central - "Detritus" featuring Carlos Melgoza, Jason Soles, Larkin, Morbid Anatony, and Shawn Zeiger. Live music by Tim Bertsch!
Ghost Gallery - "2013 Holiday Miniature Art Extravaganxa!" It's that time again, to indulge our obsession for all things Miniature. This year we are excited to be partnering up with our friends over at West Seattle's Twilight Gallery, and All City Art in Georgetown, who will also be having Holiday Mini Shows... So there will be three wonderful places to find 100's of small works of art to give to friends and family, or some treasures to add to your own collection. Featuring over 60 local, national, and international artists!
Ltd Gallery - "Picture's Worth a Thousand Words", encore opening
Also check out new work a Apocalypse Tattoo, Blindfold Gallery, Boom Noodle, Cafe PettiRosso, Cupcake Royale, High 5 Pie, Joe Bar, Laughing Buddha, Online Cafe, Poco Wine + Spirits, Retrofit Home, True Love Gallery, Vermilion, and more!

"Transmission" at the Mercury, Thursday, 14 November from 9.30pm til late. You do not have to be a member for this night, and you do not need a member to sign you in. It is open to the public. No dress code. Free for members before 9.30pm, $5 for non-members. Starts at 9pm and goes til 2am. The performer will go on around 10.30 and again at 11.30, and the artist will be there all night. Come buy art, drinks, hear music and watch a sexy lady dance. "Transmission" happens the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Braden Duncan @ Twilight Gallery

The 2nd Thursday Art Walk in West Seattle, Thursday, 14 November from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Skylark Cafe - "Mechanical Aviary" by Braden Duncan, featuring watercolour clockwork birds and a birthday bash!
Twilight Gallery - "2013 Holiday Miniature Art Extravaganxa!" With some of the best emerging local and national artists, this special two month Holiday exhibit features small works in drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media. Over 40 artists and jewelers represented with hundreds of pieces to give as gifts or to add to your growing collection. This year we are excited to be partnering up with our friends over at Capitol Hill's, Ghost Gallery and Georgetown's All City Art, so there will be three wonderful places to shop local for artistic gifts for friends and family! Featuring over 60 local, national, and international artists!
Also check out new work at The Heartland Cafe, Hotwire Coffee, Shoofly Pie, Windermere, and more!

Heidi Estey @ Gargoyles

The 3rd Friday Art Walk in the University District, Friday, 15 November from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Gargoyles Statuary - "The Cat in the Picture" by Heidy Estey, paintings
Also see new work at BC Surf & Sport, Boulevard Grocery, Cafe Allegro, Cafe Solstice, Lucid Gallery, Starbucks Coffee, Trabant Coffee & Chai and more! Don't forget to stop by Boulevard Grocery for a bag of fresh-roasted coffee hand-painted by a local Seattle artist!

Gary Faigin @ Gage

"Atelier Instructor Studio Sale" at Gage Academy of Art, Saturday & Sunday, 16 & 17 November. Small and medium sized works from Gary Faigin, Juliette Aristides and Mark Kang-O'Higgins.

The 3rd Thursday Art Walk in Edmonds, Thursday, 21 November from 5-8pm. Selected shows:
Otherworlds - In addition to the art walk, Otherworlds regularly hosts fun and exciting steampunk/gamer/geek/sci-fi/fantasy/gothic/horror-themed events!  
Cheesemongers is right next door if you find yourself in need of something delicious, and you can check out new work at ARTspot, Arts Now, C'est La Vie, The Papery, Red Petal Cakes, Stunningly Strange Gallery, and more than 30 other Edmonds art spaces!

Thuy-Van Vu @ Gage

Steele Gallery opening presents: "// SIGHTLINES" at Gage Academy of Art. Friday, 22 November from 6-8pm. Inspired by the "BUSTER SIMPSON // SURVEYOR" retrospective exhibition at the Frye Art Museum, // SIGHTLINES presents the perspectives of five Seattle artists on the build-up of the detritus of a life lived and our choices about what to save (or document) and what to toss. With reference to Simpson’s self-documented performances, environmental activism, and the fleeting utility of objects and structures in the landscape, artists include Thuy-Van Vu, Iole Alessandrini, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Whiting Tennis and Allyce Wood.

Chandler Woodfin @ Gage

"Dirty River" by Chandler Woodfin at Gage Academy of Art. Friday, 22 November at 8pm. Chandler uses watercolor to explore the interference of humans into the landscape. These places are beautiful and bright, but also sick. They bloom and flourish with overabundance, but the soil and water are frail. These environments are vulnerable and fevered.

Deborah Faye Lawrence @ Hedreen Gallery

"Discordia" at the Hedreen Gallery. Sunday, 24 November from 6-8pm. Herdeen presents work by two masters of collage, Deborah Faye Lawrence and Monica René Rochester. Drawing on one of the original forms of media remix and mashup culture, both artists use different approaches to paratactic image-making while demonstrating the esoteric and political elasticity of the medium. Artist talk & closing reception: Sunday, 12 January 2014 from 6-7.30pm.


The SAAM is featuring "A Fuller View of China, Japan & Korea." The exhibition runs through 13 April 2014. Dr. Richard Fuller’s 40 years as the museum’s founding director are the bedrock of its history, and his passion for art resonates with collectors of his time and beyond. In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Seattle Art Museum, this installation shows how Dr. Fuller, his family and friends, and several more recent Seattle collectors, built SAM’s celebrated Asian art collections. Featuring some of SAM’s best-loved works such as the Poem Scroll with Deer, the installation showcases the incredible quality and diversity that make SAM’s Asian art collection one of the finest in the country. The selected Chinese paintings and calligraphy also celebrate the launch of an innovative online scholarly catalogue, a multi-year project sponsored by the J. Paul Getty Foundation. (from

The SAM is currently featuring a multitude of exhibits! Check out:
"Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon." Discover the mysteries of Machu Picchu, treasures from royal tombs and archeological wonders from one of the cradles of civilization in Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon. More than 3,000 years of artistic history reveal a land of rich complexity and startling beauty. This unusually wide-ranging exhibition covers archeology, ancient rituals, royal ceremonies, conquest and colonization, the formation of the republic and the emergence of a new national identity. Experience the unfolding of culture through the creative achievements of Peru, from gold funerary masks to modern folk art. The Seattle Art Museum is proud to be the only U.S. venue presenting this spectacular exhibition of more than 300 works, including national treasures never before seen outside of Peru. (from
"In a Silent Way," photographic reflections on African American identities and histories. Show runs through 1 December.
"William Cordova: Machu Picchu After Dark," installation sculpture. Show runs through 19 January 2014.
"From Abstract Expressionism to Coloured Planes." Early in the 1940s, artists in New York began to develop an expressive, abstract style of painting that was a stark departure from previous ideas, both artistically and historically. Up until World War II, the center of artistic production in the West had been Paris, and artists from around Europe, the United States and South America had flocked there to study and to work. This changed profoundly in the 1940s. Featuring Arshile Gorky, Hans Hoffman, Jackson Pollack, and Lee Krasner.

David Hartt @ Henry Art Gallery

The Henry Art Gallery is currently hosting "Stray Light" in the North Galleries, photographic work by David Hartt. Also in the North Galleries are "The Photographs of Ray K. Metzger" and "Camera Nipponica: Photographs from Japan 1880-1930." All shows run through 5 January 2014. 

Franz von Stuck @ The Frye

The Frye Art Museum is currently featuring "Franz von Stuck." Opening reception: Friday, 7 November at 7.30pm. Franz von Stuck (1863–1928) was a renowned Symbolist painter, architect, designer, and cofounder of the Munich Secession. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth and the 120th anniversary of his American debut, Franz von Stuck is celebrated in the first monographic exhibition in the United States dedicated to his accomplishments. The exhibition showcases his graphic and architectural design and his photography, as well as spectacular canvases that generated both praise and controversy among American critics of his day for their “cachet of strangeness, which comes from a modern treatment of legendary, biblical, mystic or symbolic subjects.” (from  The Frye also hosts an art lecture series every Thursday night.

With this much going on, you couldn't possibly complain that there's nothing to do in Seattle!

Support your local art scene! Cheers.

~ BCDuncan

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