Friday, May 9, 2014

Cornish College of the Arts: Expo 14

This Friday eve marks the end of the college school year, and the opening of the Bachelor of Fine Arts show for Art and Design seniors at Cornish College of the Arts. Cornish has 20 graduating art seniors this year. As an alumnus, I always enjoy returning to my alma mater to see what the newest and brightest are bringing to the Seattle art scene.

A few of my favourite showing this year include:

Morgane McGuire, photography, sculpture, and video exploring the transcendence of suffering through the acceptance of pain.

Morgane McGuire @ Cornish
Claire Green, prints depicting lessons learned through nature and myth.

Claire Green @ Cornish
Matt Matsuda, projected video on geometric sculpture, playful in execution and nostalgic in design.

Matt Matsuda @ Cornish
Jasmine Gervais, sculpted tableaus exploring 'authentic images of sexuality' intended to challenge the passive role of women as sexual objects pervasive in contemporary society.

Jasmine Gervais @ Cornish
Sierra Kohler, sculpture examining identity through traditionally masculine objects made feminine. 

Sierra Kohler @ Cornish
Natalie Kubu, personifying the chair.

Natalie Kubu @ Cornish
Direwolf Omega, drawing and sculpture inspired by dream, tradition, ritual, and sacrifice.

Direwolf Omega @ Cornish
Niki Nosko, paintings exploring the transition from childhood naivete into adult awareness in a technological world.

Niki Nosko @ Cornish
Caitlin Brookins, photography, the visual poetry of a nostalgic narrative.

Caitlin Brookins @ Cornish
Destiny Reidel, sculpture representing the organic growth of experience through raw materials.

Destiny Reidel @ Cornish
Miles Fortune, photographic vignettes portraying artistic identity.

Mile Fortune @ Cornish
Alicia Hatfield, traditional woodblock prints, vulnerability translated into a longing for security, to capture, protect, and preserve a tiny piece of a childhood memory.

Alicia Hatfield @ Cornish
As with every exhibit of student work I've seen, some showings were more successful than others.  I was unfortunately unable to attend the video section of the exhibition, but hopefully next year! Overall, "Expo 14" was a solid showcase of new Cornish talent, I look forward to seeing what the graduates create in the upcoming months. Support your local art scene!

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