Monday, June 16, 2014

"Crow/Raven: Magic & Mystery"

A few photos from the "Crow/Raven" exhibit at ArtEAST in Issaquah! I was honoured to have a piece in the show attend a talk by corvids expert Dr John Marzluff. The show closes 8 July, so see it before then if you can!


The exhibit has also featured lectures by Chris Maynard, Jessica Damskey, and Layne Maheu, as well as a final lecture by Judy Lane coming up on 6 July!

Participating artists:
Abby, Alex L. Bennett, Alisa Lahti, Anne Anderson, Beth Anderson, Braden Duncan, Bob Prowda, Bonnie Johnson, Cathy Simpson, Charles David Alexander, Chris Maynard, Craig Breitbach, Daniel Cautrell, Dawn Q. Wyatt, Deby Harvey, Dona Reed, Echo Chernik, Esther M. Smith, Gail Baker, Greg Bartol, Gretchen Van Dyke, J M King, Jaki Svaren, Janis J. Smith, Jennifer Kuhns, Jessica Damsky, Judith Gebhard Smith, Judy D. Thomas, Judy Lane, Judy Salas, Julia Wood, Julie Christensen Rackley, Kamilla K. White, Karen Abel, Karen Dedrickson, Katalin Fazekas, Leslie Nan Moon, Linda Gisbrecht, Lori Barck Haynes, Lupe Carlos III, Lydia I. Sutton, Mary Ellen Bowers, Meryl Perloff, Miska, Pamela Holderman, Phil Jensen, Sally Penley, Salnya Gracie, Sherry Shipley, Stephen M. Ray, Susan Rotondo, Thendara and Timothy Kida-Gee, Vikram Madan, and Wendy Ray.

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