Friday, November 14, 2014

Capitol Hill Art Walk & CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon!

'Twas an epic night of arting on Capitol Hill!

Artist Stasia Burrington @ Merrill Gardens
Artist Vikram Madan @ Merrill Gardens
Artist Emily Clark @ Merrill Gardens
It started with a pop-up art show at the Merrill Gardens retirement community curated by Ghost Gallery's Laurie Kearney, featuring myself and fellow artists Stasia Burrington, Vikram Madan, Emily Clark and Liz Moody. The foot traffic was, well, slow, but the atmosphere was warm, our hosts were fabulous, and we were treated to live classical piano and an amazing array of snacks. It was a pleasure to spend the better part of an evening catching up with some of my favourite artists.

"From the Toy Box" @ Ltd Gallery
Braden Duncan @ Ltd Gallery
After packing up my booth, I headed over to Ltd Gallery in their brand new space (shared with Gamma Ray Games and the Ray Gun Lounge). Their "From the Toy Box" was a hit, complete with nods to My Little Pony, the Ninja Turtles, Garbage Pail Kids, Care Bears, and so much more! I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss their old gallery, since the installation space is now limited to one main wall surrounded by gaming tables instead of a wide open floor plan... but with rents rising steadily on the Hill, I understand the need to switch things up. And so far the gaming crowd seems to enjoy sharing wall space with some fantastically geek-friendly art.

Artists Chris Piers, Krissy Downing & Eli Wolff @ True Love Gallery
"Misfits & Mutants: A Visionary Bazaar" @ True Love Gallery
Right across the street is "Misfits & Mutants: A Visionary Bazaar" featuring Krissy Downing at True Love Gallery. Imagine for a moment if Salvador Dali and Dr Seuss had a love child, and you've taken your first step into Krissy's colourfully surreal world. Supporting artists include Eli Wolff, Rhodora Jacob, Claudio Duran, and Kate Tesch.

Artist John Osgood @ CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon
Artist Siolo Thompson @ CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon
Artist Crystal Barbre @ CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon
Artist Adream de Valdivia @ CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon
I wish I had time to hit more spaces (I'm definitely checking out "Slave to the Neddlepoint" at Ghost Gallery and "Building Blocks of Life & Lore" at Cloud Gallery later this month), but I'm headed to CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon at the Summit!

Artist Jonathan Wakuda Fischer @ CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon
Artist Seb Barnett @ CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon
Artists Scott Moore, Seb Barnett & Amanda Stalter @ CoCA's 24-Hour Art Marathon
If you've never been to one of these events before, you need to put it on your calendar for next year. 20+ artists, 24 hours of art making, music, food, late night comedy (courtesy of sleep-deprived artists), and a whole lot of awesome! Artists have from noon on Thursday til noon on Friday to create 3 or more pieces to be auctioned off on Saturday night. Artists and the CoCA art organisation split the proceeds, and it all helps the Seattle art community!

Support your local art scene! Cheers!

~ BCDuncan

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