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MARCH Art Fix: Upcoming Events

If you need your art fix for the month of March (and I know I do!), here are some shows that you won't want to miss! March is also an excellent month for a tea party. And do you know what pairs perfectly with a sophisticated spot of tea? Art. Of course art pairs well with pretty much everything. Just sayin'... And if your tea party just isn't fancy enough, dress it up by inviting your favourite caped crusader! It's Comicon month, so there are plenty to go around!


Yoann Lossel @ Krab Jab
"Brittany to Cascadia" at Krab Jab Studio. Nearly two years in the making, we are excited to bring the work of Breton artists Alice Dufeu, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, David Thiérrée, Olivier Villoingt, Virginie Ropars and Yoann Lossel to the Pacific Northwest! Tucked up in the northwest corner of France, Brittany is the ancient home of the Celts, with its wooded inland and windy coasts much like our home here. Thick with history and myth, its no wonder it has been the home to some of the most talented and aesthetic artists France has to offer today. Originally gracing our walls during our 2013 FAERIE show, these artists have quickly become favorites to our visitors, so it was natural to set up this exchange we've named "Brittany to Cascadia".


Keegan O'Rourke @ Artifact
Steve Jensen @ Abmeyer + Wood
"The Fallen" @ AXIS
Roxanna Walitzki @ AXIS
"Equilux" @ Flatcolor

"Objects of Sustenance" @ Gallery 110
Roq la Rue
"Pitch" @ SOIL
Shanna Duncan @ Trabant
The Pioneer Square Art Walk ~ Thursday, 5 March from 5-8pm. Selected shows: 
Abmeyer + Wood - "Voyage" by Steve Jensen. Steve Jensen plays an influential role in the Pacific Northwest, making his mark on the landscape with monumental public artworks, as well as emotionally charged paintings and sculptures imbued with personal narrative. For Jensen, the boat embodies the concept of passage from place to place, from life to death. Carved calligraphic motifs reflect his close relationship to the water and the refashioning of found elements mirror the aesthetic traditions of his Norwegian fore-bearers.
Artifact Gallery - Keegan O'Rourke. We will be offering blow pops and wine in addition to an excellent palette of visual arts. We are proud to feature four pieces by local watercolor and oil painter Keegan O'Rourke. O'Rourke will be featuring alongside Joe Shlichta, Hickory Mertsching, Robert Parks and Mr. Brainwash. The gallery is brimming with inspiring imagery.
AXIS Pioneer Square - "The Fallen" Seattle based artists Chris Sheridan and Amanda Paredes open their collaborative show featuring fashion design by Jenn Charkow of Stone Crow Designs and a performance by Seattle Shibari. The Fallen delves into the shadows of the minds of Sheridan and Paredes to explore Hell and the travels of the soul. The exhibit is loosely inspired by Dante’s Inferno, the epic story of the soul’s journey through the levels of Hell, and the haunting a cappella composition Miserere, Opus 44 written by Henryk Górecki. The Fallen is an intense and deeply psychological exhibition that includes oil paintings by Sheridan and photography by Paredes. A portion of the exhibit will remain on view through Friday, March 27th. Also, at 7.45pm, Roxanna Walitzki's new art & music video premier! "When I am Laid in Earth (Dido's Lament)" Directed by Anthon Smith with cinematography by Brendan Flynn, wardrobe by Stone Crow Designs, Redd Walitzki, and Roxanna, the video perfectly compliments the dark themes in Amanda Paredes Swae-Photography and Chris Sheridan's work for THE FALLEN.
Bonfire Gallery - Nichole DeMent, large scale mixed media & encaustic
Flatcolor Gallery - "Equilux" featuring Jon MacNair, Morgaine Faye, Clifton Yatez, Lauren Napolitano, Adrian Landon Brooks, Talia Migliaccio, Lauren Gonsalves, Nicole Gustafsson and Bunnie Reiss. 
Gallery 110 - "Objects of Sustenance." In Sonya Stockton's fourth solo show at Gallery 110, things that represent the literal aspects of sustenance are merged with everyday objects to create works that become representative of our need for the more metaphorical sustenance provided by our material world.
The Piranha Shop - "Human Nature" Thursday Late is a joint endeavor brought to you by us here at the Piranha Shop and City Arts Magazine. We will be hosting art openings on First Thursdays, the show will open a little bit later, and end a little bit later. So no need to battle traffic, enjoy the rest of art walk and know we will be here when everyone else closes down. We will have refreshments available, good tunes, and a place for the whole art walk to migrate down to. ‘Human Nature’ is an age old question with no definitive answer. Its what brings us together. It’s what tears us apart. It’s good as well as pure evil. No matter how it’s looked at, it boils down to define what it is to be human. Where we’re going, and how we got here. This show brings together a strong line-up of international artists. An embracement, and exploitation of human nature. 10 different styles. 10 different interpretations. Curated by Kyle Maynerd x Schoph Schophield. Featuring: Maynerd, Schoph, Corey Smith, Jamie Lynn, Ben Brough, Mat Savage, Slycooley, Duffyleg, Justin Kane Elder & Brennan Coyle.
Roq la Rue - "And Here I lay" by Sam Wolfe Connelly, "Anagrams" by Liz Brizzi in the main gallery & "Altars" by Darla Teagarden in the upstairs gallery.
SAM - "See Me" opening reception featuring Lynn Brofsky, Nichole DeMent, Troy Gua, and Curt Labitzke
Seattle ArtsourceFay Jones. Glancing Back presents a series of newly consigned work by Fay Jones. This exhibition showcases Jones’ compelling imagery, spanning two decades of her highly respected career. Jones’ success began in 1970 with her first exhibition at Francine Seders Gallery. Her 20 year retrospective, organized in 1996 by the Boise Art Museum, was also shown at the Seattle Art Museum and Washington State University Museum of Art.
SOIL - 'Pitch' is comprised of Erik Shane Swanson’s sculptures, James Scheuren’s photographs, and Philip LaDeau’s drawings. Their work reaffirms common objects and occurrences, revealing in them the extraordinary. The artists examine and capture the often overlooked, yet intimate, moments within contemporary life. Together their work evokes a sense of the unspoken, the playful, and the somber just as the monotony of the everyday is broken by surreal, pathetic, and astounding moments. In the backspace: ‘That which hovers, that which is ice’ combines text, prints, and objects to interpret durational phase changes: cool water freezes the river dry, stone wears, bones knit together. State changes bring visible alterations. Perception casts personal shadows.
Trabant Coffee - "Menagerie" by Shanna Duncan. Come see this colorful collection of curious beasties, guaranteed to delight and amaze!
Also check out new work at 4Culture, 57 Biscayne, The AKArchy, Angle Gallery, Art Xchange, The Belfry Oddities, Core Gallery, Davidson Galleries, Delicatus, Foster/White Gallery, Gallery IMA, goCstudio, Greg Kucera Gallery, Hall Spassov Gallery, James Harris Gallery, Linda Hodges Gallery, Method Gallery, Nord Alley & the Alley Network Project, Occidental Square Park, OK Gallery, Pioneer Square Saloon, Platform Gallery, Punch Room 104 Gallery, SAM Gallery, Shift, Stonington Gallery, TK Artist Lofts, and more! Pioneer Square is the oldest art walk in the United States, and features over 50 galleries, studios, and other art spaces!

 The Burien (B-Town Beat) ~ Thursday, 5 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows: 
Burien Arts Gallery - "Artists United" Annual Juried Show
Check out new work at Burien Books, Burien Press, Elliott Bay Brewery, Glass Expressions, Maven Mercantile, Page 2 Books, Phoenix Tea, Skinperfect Aesthetics, Vino Bello, and more! 

"Copycat Violence Studio Sale & Auction" 6-10 March, online! CCV's first artist studio sale and auction. Select artist are clearing out their studios and offering our fans great discounts! Bid or purchase directly by commenting when the album opens on March 6th. Auction instructions will be listed in the album.

Duane Pasco @ BAC
The Bainbridge Island Art Walk ~ Friday, 6 March from 6-8pm. Selected shows:
Bainbridge Arts & Crafts - "Duane Pasco & Friends: Respecting Traditions" Experience the breadth, beauty, and technical expertise that characterize contemporary Northwest Coast Native art as we bring you Duane Pasco & Friends: Respecting Traditions. Duane is nationally known for his carving and for teaching traditional styles and techniques to other artists in our region. Over his 50-year career, he has been a major force in resurrecting a form of Native American art that by the early 20th century had all but died out. This exciting exhibition will feature recent work including masks, panels, house poles, and bent corner boxes. Duane will be joined by David Franklin, Marvin Oliver, Brian Perry, Randi Purser, and Loren White, all his friends and all highly regarded contributors to the contemporary Northwest Coast Native art movement.
See new and exciting work at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Blackbird Bakery, the BPA, Danger, Eleven Winery, Fork & Spoon, Ginger, Harbour Public House, Island Gallery, Pegasus Coffee, Pauli Dennis Gallery, PrettyStick, Roby King Gallery, Sally Robinson Gallery, and more!

The Fremont Art Walk ~ Friday, 6 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Fremont Jewelry Design - Ethan Jack Harrington, oil painting
Northwest Vision Studio - Open Studio Party! Here's your chance to peek behind the curtain into a working studio. There will be Art everywhere you look--older, newer, and in-process. I will be there to talk about the projects I'm working on and my process. There will be some in-studio sales specials and other awesome deals. If there is a piece or a print that you are hankering for, please come by, or contact me privately: there are a lot of great pieces of art in need of adoption!
Tiny Dodo Gallery - "Creepy Crawly" - Bugs, bugs, bugs!
Also check out new work at ArtFX Gallery, Asgard Tavern, Atlas Clothing, Bellefleur Lingerie, evo Timesinfinity Gallery, Frame Up Studios, Fremont Health Club, Gasworks Gallery, GiGi Retro Inspired Clothing, Hub and Bespoke, Johnson Architects, Makerhaus, Pel'Meni Dumpling Tzar, Portgage Bay Goods, Sanachi Massage, Saturn, Space, Starbucks Coffee, The Sweet Spot, and more! 

"XX/XY" @ Confluence Gallery
"XX/XY" at Confluence Gallery in Twisp, WA. Opening reception: Saturday, 7 March from 4-8pm. Does a single chromosome really make that much of a difference between the sexes? Is there more to the obvious physical differences between us, or are there deeper, more fundamental underlying characteristics forever inherent in our genders? These four characters attempt to delineate the sexes in such a simple way, yet, defining the sexes in reality is far from simple. A show about men and women, bodies, flesh, attitudes, and changing roles of the two sexes in society is bound to bring some uncomfortable moments to the more sensitive viewer and this exhibition will be no exception. But how could it be any other way? The Confluence gallery invited all artists, regardless of gender, to explore gender in today's world. The XX XY exhibit will provoke you to ask yourself: “Y,” does it matter?

"Butoh in the Ecotone: An Art & Food Performance" at Row House Cafe, Saturday, 7 March from 4-7pm. Inside the warm ambiance of Row House Café in South Lake Union, three local Butoh dancers and an artist collaborate to create a interactive performance combining performing, visual, music and culinary arts. Alan Sutherland, Haruko Crow Nishimura (Degenerate Art Ensemble), and Sheri Cidro Brown (DAIPAN) join Isobel Davis’ visual art exploration of the edge effect in her hung work, "Energy of the Ecotone", (on view at Row House Café through March). The show will fill every nook and cranny with art, artifacts, costumes, food & beverage, and music collectively embodying the creative energy of biological diversity.  Travis McAllister (PDX) will provide live music, and Row House Café chef Carmel Spiro will provide the ritualistic communal culinary tasting.
This very special event at Row House Café on Saturday, March 7th from 4-7pm admits ticket holders for $30 and includes a special ceremonial beverage & tasting, entertainment, and the full Butoh and art experience.   Doors open for pre-performance art mingle and drinks at 4. Dancers begin at 4:30, and early evening proceeds through the next couple hours in a unique journey of sight, sound, movement, music, interactive elements, and communal assimilation.  “We wanted to offer the audience a way to enter the exploration of this dynamic microcosm, an imagined world where we can dream of being together in a different way,” says Sheri Brown, one of the dancer/choreographer trio.

Isobel Davis’ has installed a body of cyanotype works that examine life in transition in the ecotone, a zone where ecosystems intersect leading to explosive biodiversity.  The ecotone is the area of transition between biological communities birthing the edge effect where more diversity exists than on the flanking communities.  Nature’s creativity at the edges is an instructive counterpoint to doom-and-gloom climate scenarios in biological and social landscapes. The cyanotype process allows her to co-create with the sun by laying material on prepared paper and developed in water. Her cyanotypes record the variable effects of sun and weather, and embody the energy and life in this transition zone.  Isobel has been exploring related themes for the last few years. She has a studio at Inscape Arts building in the International District.

The Port Townsend Art Walk ~ Saturday, 7 March from 5-8pm. Selected shows: 
Red Raven Gallery - "Collectors Vault Sale" Red Raven Gallery wants to give everyone a break and clear out some inventory. We are offering original artworks from past shows at 20-50% off. It is the perfect time to take that tax refund and turn it into an art investment which in turn helps out an artist you love. Join us for artwalk or peruse the original art online here.
Also check out new work at Earthenworks Gallery, Forest Gems Gallery, Gallery 9, Max Grover Gallery, Northwind ArtsAlliance, Port Townsend Gallery, Simon Mace Gallery, Williams Gallery, and more! If you get hungry along the way, stop into Elevated Ice Cream, Nifty Fifty'sDiner, Water Street Creperie, or Cellar Door (the delicious brainchild of local food afficionados Dominic Svornich and Stephanie Hoch).

"March Edition of COLLECT", Thursday, 12 March from 5.50-8pm. See + Appreciate = Own. Joining others who are as curious and enthusiastic about arts & culture in Seattle. The tour will begin at Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar then head to the Hedreen Gallery, Rental Sales Gallery Seattle Art Museum, Ghost Gallery Joe Bar Cafe and return to Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar. Tickets costs $25 each ($28.77 with taxes & fees). $25 gets you a guided tour to all the listed art spaces with plenty of champagne and snacks.

Robert Hargrave @ Calypte
"Bell Jar" @ Ghost

The Capitol Hill Art Walk ~ Thursday, 12 March from 5-9pm. Selected shows:
Calypte Gallery - "To Be Determined" by Robert Hargrave, Calypte's inaugural opening!
Ghost Gallery - "Bell Jar: A Group Exhibit" Ghost is pleased to present the first in an 8-month series of exhibited work by all female-identifying artists at Ghost Gallery. BELL JAR features over 20 local & national artists working with the ever-iconic cloche vessel. Mixed media work will be encapsulated in these seemingly fragile yet protective environments, portraying varying levels of sentimentality, experimentation and personal narratives. Viewers will be able to interpret for themselves the meaning of these miniature worlds, organic forms, conceptual objects and occasionally suffocating compositions, presented by a diverse group of women from across the country.
Mercury - "Transmission" Featured artist: Danny Connors. Featured vendor: TBA! Featured bellydance: Raqs Nocturna & Betty Fish! Every month we bring you the best in Shoegaze, post-punk, post-rock and psych music with your hosts DJ Echo & DJ Kalhoun! You do not have to be a member for this night, and you do not need a member to sign you in. It is open to the public. No dress code. Free for members before 9.30pm, $5 for non-members. Starts at 9pm and goes til 2am.
True Love Gallery - "Chroma Echos" Featuring Ten Hundred (Seattle), Carlos Aguilar & KSERA (Seattle), and LURK (BC)
Also check out new work at Americana, Apocalypse Tattoo, Bauhaus, Cafe Pettirosso, Caffe Vita, Capitol Cider, Cloud Gallery, Cupcake Royale, Front Seat Gallery, High 5 Pie, In-Arts Collective, Joe Bar, Kismet Salon, Laughing Buddha, Online Cafe, Paris Eastside, PCNWPoco Wine + Spirits, Retrofit Home, SAAM, Saints Gallery, STart Wall Project, SugarPill, Vermillion, and more!

Shannon Koszyk @ Twilight
The West Seattle Art Walk ~ Thursday, 12 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows: 
Twilight Gallery - "Audaces Fortuna Invat: The Work of Shannon Koszyk" Koszyk’s work finds strength and beauty in the unconventional with an affinity for juxtaposing luxury and grit. A kind of gothic anthropologist, Koszyk is drawn to antiquity, every piece has it’s own history with a contemporary twist. Crucifixes that have been worn smooth over the years, coins that have passed through many people’s hands, heavy oxidized sterling chains and tumbled beads become both ethereal fantasia with a rugged toughness. Meticulously handcrafted within each piece, Shannon finds the perfect balance between spirituality and elegance, boldness and grace. A selection of jewelry, clothing design, painting and pieces for the home will be on view.
Also check out new work at Arts West, Click! Design That Fits, The Heartland Cafe, Hotwire Coffee, Shadowland, Skylark Cafe, Shoofly Pie, West 5, Wild Rose's, Windermere, and more!

Krissy Downing @ Push/Pull
Jeremy Kronbach @ Urban Light
"Got Ham" @ Warlock Labs
The Art Up Phinneywood Art Walk ~ Friday, 12 March from 6-10pm. Selected shows:
Echo Echo Gallery - New and exciting work from the Echo Echo crew!
Paper Diamonds Clothing - "Feeling Lucky" Come celebrate CASH's birthday night with a group show featuring some of my favorite Northwest artists, and a few more as well!
Because it is conveniently set on Friday March 13th, the theme of this years show will be luck and superstition. We hope you're "Feeling Lucky"!

Push/Pull - "Venus Rising" by Krissy Downing. Krissy Downing has honed a unique brand of surrealism, pushing the envelope to redefine the genre with her self-defined stream-of-consciousness approach. Each composition is loosely mapped, free from censor and directive introspection, birthing a pure organic foundation of subconscious aesthetic ideals and then repeatedly interpreted and molded until its inherent narrative is revealed. Krissy's work will be complemented by the work of other local female artists.
Urban Light Studios - Jeremy Kronbach’s body of work serves as a reflection of travel, echoing the idea of place. Sometimes, his paintings suggest a physical location, other times compositions emerge from memories associated with the idea of a former home. Inspired by West Coast abstract expressionists such as Richard Diebonkorn and Raimonds Staprans, Jeremy uses abstraction to process the difficulty of returning to the places he used to inhabit while attempting to connect the duality of past and present. Closing reception: Vera Pashkevich, photography
Warlock Labs - "GOT HAM? Heros and Villains of the Bat-Verse" At this month's Greenwood Art Walk, we're showcasing the colorful and hammy characters from Batman's comics, movies, and TV shows. Put on your best henchman's outfit and come on down to the Lab.
Also check out new and exciting work at Avanti Art & Design, Chocolatti, Gainsbourg, HappyTime Apocalypse, Home Suite Home, Naked City Brewery, Quadrapus, School of Rock, The Space is Ours, Two Bird Tattooand more!

Seb Barnett @ Stylus Salon
The Belltown Art Walk ~ Friday, 13 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Stylus Salon - Seb Barnett, paintings. Ghost Gallery is pleased to present an off-site exhibit at Stylus Salon, featuring paintings and drawings by Seattle artist Seb Barnett!
Also check out brand new work at A/NT Gallery, Bikes + Art, City Hostel Seattle, Crocodile Cafe, Essentia, Form/Space Atelier, Michelle Dirkse Interior Design, Patricia Cameron Gallery, Pintxo & The Upstairs, Rudy's Barber Shop, Sassafras, Seattle Ink & Oil, and more!

"SAM Remix" at the Seattle Art Museum, Friday, 13 March from 8pm-midnight. Choose your own adventure from this fabulous late night of performances, activities, dancing, and more with "Indigenous Beauty: Masterworks of American Indian Art from the Diker Collection" and SAM’s fantastic collection. Tickets. The night's activities include: Get dancing with equal parts deep thinker, rabble rouser, party starter, and iconoclast DJ Doc Adam. Explore cultural intersections and contemporary Native culture in portraiture with Wendy Red Star. Create Duchamp-inspired silhouettes with artist Alicia Betty. Build some absurd Rube Goldberg machines with Weber Thompson architects and Romson Bustillo. Experience the galleries in new and unexpected ways with My Favorite Things: Highly Opinionated Tours led by artists, community figures and special guests. And more!

 The Ballard Art Walk ~ Saturday, 14 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Monster Art & Clothing - "Kittens & Clockwork" by Braden Duncan. In celebration of 3.14.15 we will be serving pie alongside Braden's paintings of adorable and mischievous black cats. A show not to be missed by kitty and pie lovers alike!
Check out new work at Annie's Art &Frame, Art & Soul, Ballard Metal Arts, Ballard Works, The BalMar, Blowing Sands Glass Studio, Building C Studios, Cupcake Royal, Filthy Rich, Full Tilt, Habitude, Herb's House, Kiss Cafe, Liberte Skin Wellness, Miro Tea, Nightingale Gallery, Savour, Spark Studio, the Sunset Tavern, Venue and more!

"Faerie III" @ Krab Jab
The Georgetown Art Attack ~ Saturday 14 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows: 
Eight and Sand - "Window on a Dream" Group show. Artists will show work based on the dream world. Dreams and nightmares.
Interstitial - "Dispersal Patterns" by Pete Fleming. Working primarily in video, photography, and installation, Pete Fleming explores the interplay between concept and concrete experience. Fleming uses speculative poetics to digest a mixture of personal observations and theoretical research. "Dispersal Patterns" is deliberately slow and quiet, often silent, focusing on the relationships between object image and text. A widescreen cinematic water scape appears to be floating within the space upon entrance into the gallery. Objects related to construction are placed through the exhibition, asking the viewer to consider their own fabrications of space. Two analog televisions suspended from the ceiling flash words and phrases communicating the language of dispersal within the context of an underwater landscape that fills the back end of gallery. Within the entire gallery space, a tension between digital mediums begs the question of perception. Simultaneously the environment is slowed down to become contemplative and over time feels detached.
Georgetown Liquor Company - Beautifully beaded Mardi Gras masks by Diane McFee and pop culture stencil art on records by Manticore Stencil Art (Dave Ryan)
Krab Jab Studio - "Faerie III" The world of the Fae has always provided a muse for creators…beguiling, delighting, frightening and challenging the diverse artists, who strive to capture its essence. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or have never ventured into their world before, we invite you to explore the wild, captivating, unpredictable and frequently dangerous realm of Faerie. For the third year in a row, Krab Jab Studio in Seattle is hosting a show (with returning guest curator, Tara Larsen Chang) based on the Fae, inviting artists from all over the world to join in and display their vision of Faerie.
The Alice - "USEd" (encore) USEd is the first exhibition at the newly formed contemporary art space The Alice, located in the Seattle neighborhood of Georgetown. The first exhibition features 9 artists that create work which appears to have been previously used, worn, or utilized. These works expose the process of making, look as though they have had experiences, and are openly secondhand or nostalgic.  
Also check out new work at 9lb Hammer, Artcore Tattoo, Belle & Whissel, Fantagraphics Bookstore, Georgetown Atelier, Georgetown Arts & Cultural Centre, Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, Smarty Pants, Totally Blown Glassworks, Two Tartes Cafe, Wax Expressions, and more!

The Queen Anne Uptown Art Walk ~ Wednesday, 18 March from 5-7.30pm. Selected shows:
Check out new work at Bombsheller Art Labs, Caffe Ladro, Liberty Tattoo Parlour, Mercer Street Books, Mud Bay, Peridot Boutique, Teatro Zinzanni, Tin Lizzie Lounge, Toulouse Petit, The Vera Project, and more!

The Edmonds Art Walk ~ Thursday, 19 March from 5-8pm. Selected shows:
Otherworlds - The macabre and beautiful art of Larkin
Cheesemongers is right next door if you find yourself in need of something delicious, and you can check out new work at ARTspot, Arts Now, C'est La Vie, The Papery, Red Petal Cakes, Stunningly Strange Gallery, and more than 30 other Edmonds art spaces!
The Edmonds Thearte presents Free Movie Night! Every 3rd Thursday following the Art Walk! This Month: "Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog!"

The University District Art Walk ~ Friday, 20 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Gargoyles Statuary - "Corbeau Nouveau" the art of Braden Duncan and Jeffrey Shaw.
Also see new work at 7 Market & Cafe, BC Surf + Sport, Cafe Allegro, Cafe Solstice, Chaco Canyon Cafe, Daisy Sky Studio, Herkimer Coffee, Lucid Gallery, Moksha, Trabant Coffee & Chai, University Business Center, Zoka Coffee, and more! 

Emerald City Comicon, Friday-Sunday, 27-29 March at the WA State Convention Centre! ECCC is the premier comic book and pop culture convention in the Pacific Northwest! Check out the site to find the latest info on everything ECCC including celebrity guests, exhibitors, artists, panels, gaming, events, and more! Don't miss actors:Hayley Atwell, Morena Baccarin, John Barrowman, Jenna Coleman, Clark Gregg, Stan Lee, Marina Sirtis, Gina Torres and more!  Artists: Camilla d'Errico, Celine Chapus, Chris Sheridan, Clockwork Art (your humble narrator), Cori Dietsch, David Mack, Echo Chernik, ENFU, Levi Hastings, Mark Tedin, Mikatron!, The Oatmeal, Raven Mimura, Travis Talburt, and many, many more!


This month the SAAM is featuring:"Live On: Mr's Japanese Neo-Pop" (22 November 2014 - 5 April 2015). The devastating disaster of the March 11, 2011 tsunami and the nuclear accident afterwards were both a shock and inspiration for Japanese Neo-Pop artist Mr. In response, he composed a massive installation made of hundreds of everyday objects from Japanese life. It’s the central work in this exhibition, presented here with a series of new paintings and other work. A reminder of the debris that blanketed the Tohoku area in the aftermath of 3.11 tsunami and earthquake, the installation embodies the post-disaster fear and frustration of the Japanese people since the catastrophic events. 

This month the SAM is featuring:
"See Me" (14 March - 23 April). The portrait artists in this show are Lynn Brofsky, Nichole DeMent, Troy Gua, and Curt Labitzke. Throughout history portraits have told stories about the artists as well as their sitters. The artists in this show are Lynn Brofsky, Nichole DeMent, Troy Gua and Curt Labitzke. Come see for yourself what these four Northwest artists might be suggesting in their contemporary portraits.
"Indigenous Beauty" (12 February - 17 May). The immense variety of Indigenous Beauty: Masterworks of American Indian Art from the Diker Collection reflects the diversity of Native cultures. This superb exhibition offers more than great works of art and cultural artifacts—it is an invitation to explore other worlds. Deeply engaged with cultural traditions and the land, indigenous artists over the centuries have used art to represent and preserve their ways of life. Even during the 19th and 20th centuries, when drastic changes were brought by colonization, artists brilliantly adapted their talents and used the new materials available to them to marvelous effect. 
"Serious Games" by Harun Farocki (19 March - 12 July). German filmmaker Harun Farocki’s four-part video installation Serious Games examines the way we use technology and simulation to prepare American soldiers for missions in the Middle East and Afghanistan and to debrief them after returning from active duty. Filmed at different army training centers in the U.S., the work presents us with four scenarios where the line between reality and fiction becomes disconcertingly blurred. By charting the seamless integration of computer-simulated environments into training programs—and the substitution of a virtual environment for the real and the real for the virtual—Farocki forcefully impresses on the viewer our emotional and psychological investment in the make-believe scenario.

Wayne Bund @ Gage

This month Gage Academy of Art is featuring:
"Drink & Draw" every 1st Friday from 7-9pm. Each session is based on a theme – a costumed model, still life arrangements, music, videos and more. We’ll provide the drawing materials for free – or just have a cocktail or glass of wine and watch the artists work! No formal instruction is provided, no host bar. Ages 21+ only, please. $10 at the door.
The Steel Gallery presents "Idle & Blessed" by Wayne Bund (6 March - 8 May). Join Portland-based interdisciplinary artist Wayne Bund for a showing of his work in Seattle as a three-part extravaganza. In the Steele Gallery, he shows a continuation of the body of work, Idle and Blessed, a grouping of photographs and video depicting a tribe of men finding home in the play and games of childhood and mythology. During the run of the exhibition, Bund performs the choreographed dance-drag-theater piece Sass Manifesto as a full-length work. Quickly changing hats as an educator, Bund then teaches a one-day movement-based workshop around queer identity, entitled Queering Fantasy.
The Rosen Gallery presents "Red Carded" by Lacy Draper (6 March - 3 April). In this playful series of work, Lacy Draper, a multi-media visual artist, uses sport to challenge the concepts of winning and losing in today’s society. Their work is driven by the relationship between instruction and construction. This process is manifested through performance. This body of work provides a representation of “culture referees” accompanied with constructed drawings.

"The Common Sense" @ Henry
"Sanctum" @ Henry
The Henry Art Gallery is currently featuring:  
"The Common Sense" by Ann Hamilton (11 October 2014 - 26 April 2015). Images of animals specimens; bestiaries and children’s ABC primers; fur, feather, and gut garments are stitched together with sound, voice, printed texts, and the movement of air in a building newly opened to light. Time is also a material of the exhibition. Over the six-month duration of the common S E N S E, the project will shift with some elements depleting and others accumulating. Periodically, the galleries will be animated by reading and singing.
"Sanctum" by Juan Pampin & James Coupe (4 May 2013 - 23 August 2015). An interactive art installation, Sanctum employs surveillance systems to generate cinematic narratives with social media content that matches the demographic profile of passers-by. Sanctum seeks to investigate the narrative potential of social media while raising important and provocative questions about the conflicting imperatives emerging in our culture as we promote and embrace ever-more-intrusive electronic media, while still cherishing traditional notions of privacy.

This month the Frye Art Museum is featuring:  
"1900: Adornment for the Home & Body" (21 February - 3 May). Drawing on the collection of Seattle residents Wayne Dodge and Lawrence Kreisman, the Frye Art Museum is pleased to present 1900, a celebration of adornment for the home and body. With over 200 objects by artists, artisans, and architects of the fin de siècle, the exhibition presents a microcosm of the extraordinary richness of artistic production in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 
"Pan: A Graphic Arts Time Capsule of Europe 1895-1900" (21 February - 3 May). This exhibition presents graphic works by renowned artists of the fin de siècle that were published in Pan, the journal of an eponymous Berlin-based cooperative of artists, poets, and critics. Published from 1895 to 1900, Pan served as an important document of the transformation of taste and ideas during this period. It recorded the transition from modern forms of representation in the nineteenth century to the emergence of abstraction and expressionism in the twentieth. 
"Future Ruins" by Rodrigo Valenzuela (31 January - 26 April). The Frye Art Museum is pleased to present the first solo museum exhibition of multi-award-winning Seattle artist Rodrigo Valenzuela, who has created a significant body of work since his first exhibition in the United States a mere four years ago; his video productions and photographic works have attracted increasing national attention.
The Frye also hosts an art lecture series every Thursday night. 

With this much going on, you couldn't possibly complain that there's nothing to do in Seattle!

Support your local art scene! Cheers.

~ BCDuncan

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