Wednesday, July 29, 2015

AUGUST Art Fix: Upcoming Events

If you need your art fix for the month of August (and I know I do!), here are some shows that you won't want to miss! The Seattle Art Fair is coming, and with it, a celebration of Seattle galleries and visiting national & international galleries as well! The convention season continues with art events happening every single weekend! 
     Seattle is hovering at the forefront of the contemporary art scene. Our artists are talented and well represented within the Northwest, but we run the risk of over-saturation if we don't push beyond our comfortable borders. The tech boom has not yet created the local class of collectors that our art scene needs to thrive, and Seattle is less of a national 'destination' than other major art hubs, which minimises our support from travelling collectors. Hosting our first official international Art Fair marks a potential turning point that publicly champions the value of art as an aesthetic pursuit as well as a profitable business. 
     Many of the galleries represented at the Art Fair will be showcasing work that melds traditional techniques with modern media, an open invitation to the tech industry to discover points of relation and also inspiration. The Art Fair has also spawned a fantastic array of concurrent art events around the city featuring hundreds of local artists, media, and styles.
    This weekend, Seattle invites the international art world into the unique artistic network we have created. The Northwest is a place in which artists are capable and ambitious, supportive and accepting. We understand that individual successes empower the entire community, and we intend to show the world exactly what we can do.


"Gravity Falls" at Sticks & Stones Gallery/Surface Theory, 30 July from 7pm-midnight. Sticks & Stones Gallery is proud to present “Gravity Falls”, a carefully curated gathering of local and non-local rising stars in the art world. Each artist will be touching on contemporary subjects, with a unique and unapologetic delivery. Whether figures from this world or ones imagination, “Gravity Falls” encourages the viewer to push the boundaries of understanding and become immersed in the world of these talented individuals minds. Some will call to question the concept of beauty and sexuality while others will carry its viewers into a vague nameless horror and it’s over powering intensity. Some of the artists will allow the viewer to latch on to familiar iconic imagery in order to ease the viewer’s confidence in the symbolism one has been exposed to. “Gravity Falls” will allow the viewer to entertain the idea letting go of conventional thinking and take an unhindered approach to the beauty of these artists vision.

"Seattle Art Fair" at Century Link Field, 30 July-2 August. Seattle Art Fair is a platform designed to showcase the vibrant culture and diversity of the Pacific Northwest. Through inventive citywide cultural partnerships, the fair will be a destination for new and established collectors, international art patrons, and residents of one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Featuring galleries based in Seattle, Portland, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, New Orleans, Vancouver, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, and more! Sponsored by Paul Allen via Vulcan.
Public Fair Hours:
11am - 7pm on Friday, July 31
11am - 7pm on Saturday, August 1
12pm - 6pm on Sunday, August 2  

 "Out of Sight" at King Street Station, 30 July-2 August. A survey of contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest. Curated by Kirsten Anderson, Sharon Arnold, Greg Lundgren and Sierra Stinson. In tandem with the Seattle Art Fair, Out of Sight presents over 80 visual artists in 24,000 square feet of the historic King Street Station. Join us for this landmark event. 

"Galacticon 4" at Seattle Centre, 30 July-2 August. The largest Battlestar Galactica celebration in the world. This event will bring the cast, crew and fans of all the Battlestar Galactica series together and has already featured some amazing fan art and guests from the BSG universe!

"Tiny Adventures" by Corey Skillman at Trabant Coffee & Chai in the U District. Help Corey fund her European adventure! Trabant is hosting her small angry animals, mystical starscapes, and pop culture vignettes until she leaves the country! Showing through 9 August!


"Art of the City Street Fest" in Pioneer Square, Saturday, 1 August from 11am-11pm. Over a hundred artists from around the city will join Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts tenants as we close down the street and open our doors for a day long, indoor and outdoor arts festival featuring: live painting & interactive installations, 6 floors of special exhibitions, open galleries, studios, and lofts, booths by local arts organizations, live music, staged and impromptu performances, food by local restaurants, food trucks, & a Roof Deck Saloon.
    In addition to our main festival site, we’re taking over the alley between Yesler Way and Washington St. east of Second Avenue for a massive installation on homelessness by Suzanne Morlock, and our sponsor Galvanize is hosting Feat 2015, an exhibition of 2015 Artist Trust Fellowship recipients at its 5000sf space at First and Jackson.
    Art of the City takes place the same weekend as the new Seattle Art Fair, and is hosting one of its satellite exhibitions. Art of the City offers out of town guests a compelling view of contemporary, independent creative expression in Seattle.  

The Port Orchard Art on the Streets ~ Saturday, 1 August from 2-5pm (April-November). Featuring INK: DIY temporary tattoos, alcohol ink, zentangles -- try it out and enjoy local artists, fun and shopping in Downtown Port Orchard.

The Port Townsend Art Walk ~ Saturday, 1 August from 5-8pm. Selected shows: 
Red Raven Gallery - "Gaia" group show. International artists group show about the Mother of us all. Red Raven gallery brings together artists in all disciplines for this group show centering on the Mother of every living thing, Gaia. The artists were asked to interpret the Mother, the Earth, the spirit and the one in their own unique style and voice. Each piece is a beautiful tribute at the most crucial time in our existence.
Also check out new work at Earthenworks GalleryForest Gems GalleryGallery 9Max Grover GalleryNorthwind ArtsAlliancePort Townsend GallerySimon Mace Gallery, Williams Gallery, and more! If you get hungry along the way, stop into Elevated Ice CreamNifty Fifty'sDinerWater Street Creperie, or Cellar Door (the delicious brainchild of local food aficionados Dominic Svornich and Stephanie Hoch).

"Put the Needle on the Record" at Twilight Gallery. Opening reception: Saturday, 1 August from 6-10pm. Put the Needle on the Record explores the constant connection between visual art and music. Cover art has been a part of the music experience since the first pieces of sheet music were published. Photos and portraits of musicians catch out imagination and allow us to feel what it might have been like to be there, at that show.
    This group exhibit of musically themed work is stitched based, national and curated by Los Angeles artist Ellen Schinderman. Ellen has been featured in Hoopla, the Art of Unexpected Embroidery, Hustler Magazine, Juxtapoz, LA Weekly, Huffington Post and much more. She is the curator of Stitch Fetish at Hive Gallery in LA and is a prolific artist who paints with thread on varied themes such as pop culture, erotica and large scale cross stitch.

"Dreamy Aquarium" by Seattle artist Nike Ozaki at Candy Babel in Portland, OR. Opening reception: Saturday, 1 August from 4-7pm. Nike Ozaki is a self-taught artist living in Seattle, Washington. Her inspirations reside in the paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy with a good dose of classic anime nostalgia mixed in. She is fascinated by the AfroFuturism movement and seeks to explore our past, future, and universal meaning through her art. If you're in Portland this month, check it out!

"WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire" at Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake. 1-2, 8-9 & 15-16 August. Cheer on the most noble of Knights from all across Europe as they vie for the favour of the Crown and Court. Sample juicy turkey legs, delectable pickles, scrumptious crepes and dozens of other delightful treats as you explore our fair village. From puppet shows and rat circuses to cutting edge improvisational comedy and world renown musical acts, we have entertainment that will dazzle visitors of all ages! We have added more shady spots for this year’s revelry, offering space to feast upon your luncheon, or just people watch!
    Treasure abounds in Merriwick, making it a true shopper’s paradise. Hand crafted jewelry, leatherwork, weaponry, clothing, perfumes and all manner of other trinkets and artisan level pieces will keep even the most intrepid shopper busy! Don’t miss our spectacular fire juggling, cannon and battle performances, sword fighting demonstrations and Renaissance English Pike and Foote displays, and for the more sparkly of heart, our Faerie Court offers dances and capering for those who wish to join in. Enjoy our village, from our hearty peasants busy at their bread oven to our rambunctious Romani, but beware the Hangman’s Acre, where the rascals of the town oft end up in the stocks!

Building 30 West Open Studios, Sunday, 2 August from 1-5pm. To coincide with the Seattle Art Fair, Building 30 West is holding a special Open Studio to highlight some of Seattle's finest artists. In the gallery: Walking a Mile: a Race to Humanity with Robert Horton and Carol Rashawnna Williams. Guest artists featured in the Second Floor Hallway: Mary Welch, Xavier Lopez, Jr. and Ryan Henry Ward. 

The Pioneer Square Art Walk ~ Thursday, 6 August from 5-9pm. Selected shows: 
AXIS Pioneer Square - Slave to the Needle's 20th Anniversary Show. Axis Gallery is pleased to present Slave to the Needle's 20-year anniversary show. Axis will be displaying an array of bodysuits and backpieces created by Slave to the Needle’s many talented resident and guest artists. Show curated by: Aaron and Melissa Bell of Slave to the Needle
Core Gallery - "The Matriarch" new sculptures by Mary Enslow. Throughout history, the Matriarch has been a powerful and fascinating force. In many cases her position as a leader has been held in the greatest esteem but through the eyes of history and in our own time we have clearly seen that power and prestige undercut by the oppression of women in general and the devaluation of femininity. The resulting collective consciousness or female condition is the subject of this work.
Delicatus - "Awkward Tinder Dates & Sunday Hangovers" by Aaron Morgan, art on cardboard 
The Piranha Shop - "Coffee Black" group show. Coffee Black is an annual exhibit of art featuring 10 hand-picked artists from the Pacific Northwest asked to create a new series of work, restricting their medium to black and coffee tones. This will be our third show, and the lineup gets more exciting every year! Our artists create a blend of Seattle’s finest, all brewing under one roof, to create an experience you wont soon forget.
Roq La Rue - "Lush Life: Reverie" group show. This is the fifth in our fun and celebratory series of Lush Life exhibitions! These shows are tightly curated and highlight some of the best artists in the Pop Surrealism/ New Contemporary movement. Lush Life: Reverie is a celebration of the ripe, fertile feeling of late summer. These are the longest and hottest days - overgrown, sun-lit, lush, and opulently verdant. This spectacular collection showcases a decadent glimpse into the beautiful stories each artist creates about this most languorous season.
Trabant Coffee - "Synapse" by Grace Matsumoto (Tiny Fat Bird). syn·apse ˈsinˌaps/ noun: synapse; plural noun: synapses 1. a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.
Also check out new work at 4Culture, 57 Biscayne, Abmeyer + WoodThe AKArchy, Angle Gallery, Art Xchange, Artifact Gallery, The Belfry OdditiesBonfire GalleryDavidson Galleries, Flatcolor Gallery, Foster/White GalleryGallery 110, Gallery IMA, goCstudio, Greg Kucera Gallery, Hall Spassov Gallery, James Harris Gallery, Linda Hodges GalleryMariane Ibrahim Gallery, Method Gallery, Nord Alley & the Alley Network Project, Occidental Square Park, OK Gallery, Pioneer Square SaloonPlatform Gallery, Punch Room 104 GallerySAM GallerySeattle Artsource, Shift, SOIL, Stonington GalleryTK Artist Loftsand more! Pioneer Square is the oldest art walk in the United States, and features over 50 galleries, studios, and other art spaces!

The Burien (B-Town Beat) ~ Thursday, 6 August from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Burien Books - Edward & Theresa McCormick, painting & book signing
Burien Press - Starhead Boy, playful cartoons & burrito unicorns
Check out new work at Burien Arts Gallery, Elliott Bay BreweryGlass ExpressionsMaven MercantilePage 2 Books, Phoenix TeaSkinperfect Aesthetics, Vino Bello, and more! 

"Desultoria: The Miscellany of AM Sartor" at Ghost Gallery, Friday-Sunday, 7-9 August. 3-day show only! "Desultoria" is an attempt to create a series of images that emerge from the subconscious through automatic drawing, resulting in work that has no specific objective. Because of the malleability and unpredictable nature of the media used, the image is started as an abstraction and then refined into a narrative.
Also on view will be a collection of commercial illustration and selected sketchbook pages. The intent of showing these three bodies of work together is to allow the viewer to see how self expression and free form creativity can be used to enrich more formalized imagery.

The Bainbridge Island Art Walk ~ Friday, 7 August from 6-8pm. Selected shows:
Bainbridge Arts & Crafts - "Road Trip" group show. Pack up and get out of town with paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, and artist’s books that traverse the open road and linger on the quirky spots you invariably find between here and there.
See new and exciting work at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Blackbird Bakery, the BPADangerEleven WineryFork & Spoon, Ginger, Harbour Public HouseIsland GalleryPegasus Coffee, Pauli Dennis Gallery, PrettyStickRoby King GallerySally Robinson Gallery, and more!

Level Up! @ Tiny Dodo
The Fremont Art Walk ~ Friday, 7 August from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Tiny Dodo Gallery - "Level Up!" Game art show in honour of PAX! Please join us as we show over 40 artists to honor our beloved past time of gaming! This art show is to fill the void in my heart. Let's try and fill the absence of the Press Start art show that was annually held by LTD Art Gallery with Level UP! 
Also check out new work at ArtFX GalleryAsgard TavernAtlas Clothing, Bellefleur Lingerieevo Timesinfinity GalleryFrame Up Studios, Fremont Jewelry Design, Fremont Health Club, Gasworks Gallery, GiGi Retro Inspired ClothingHub and BespokeJohnson ArchitectsMakerhaus, Northwest Vision Studio, Pel'Meni Dumpling TzarPortgage Bay Goods, Sanachi MassageSaturnSpace, Starbucks CoffeeThe Sweet Spotand more!

"Art in the Street" in Greenwood! Saturday, 8 August from noon-5pm. Naked City is having their annual Street Soccer tournament and has invited us to join in the fun since the street is closed. Come join the artists from the Greenwood Collective outside for fun activities, art and comics on Greenwood between 85th & 87th! Also featured will be Andrew Schon's 2nd annual solo show "Blood Sugar Part 2" at Echo Echo Gallery in the Greenwood Collective. Featuring dozens of all new original canvas paintings & prints, crafts, art, food, live painting & all sorts of stuff. Blood Sugar part 2 will also be the big debut of Andrew Schons' board game, Blacken Your Eyes, a game he has been working on for months!

Aegean Art & Design at Brooke Westlund Studio & Gallery, Saturday, 8 August from 5-8pm. New abstract paintings by Aegea Barclay!

The Ballard Art Walk ~ Saturday, 8 August from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Annie's Art &Frame - Jay Berrones, collage
Monster Art & Clothing - "Masks & Miscellanea" by Braden Duncan & new work by Vikram Madan! We are sad to announce that Henry won't be showing at this art walk due to the passing of his beloved companion dog, Merlin. However he has been rescheduled to show with us in November! We have two of our favorite artists filling his place - Art By Vikram Madan and ClockworkArt by Braden Duncan! We are still SO EXCITED to have Goody Goody perform Aerial and for the DumbClothing Trunk show! So don't miss this event! If you want to support Henry during this hard time, please donate to his Go Fund Me here
Check out new work at Art & SoulBallard Metal ArtsBallard WorksThe BalMarBlowing Sands Glass StudioBuilding C StudiosCupcake RoyalFilthy RichFull TiltHabitude, Herb's House, Kiss Cafe, Liberte Skin WellnessMiro Tea, Nightingale Gallery, Savour, Spark StudioSticks & Stones Gallerythe Sunset TavernVenue and more!

Eight & Sand

Krab Jab Studio
The Georgetown Art Attack ~ Saturday, 8 August from 6-9pm. Selected shows: 
CoCA @ Equinox Studios - "Uncontained" by Nat Evans. Please join us on Saturday, August 8 for the first in a series of events at our interim space in the Container Village at Equinox Studios in Georgetown. We're launching with our current CoCA Lab: Artist in Residence, sound artist Nat Evans. During his residency, Nat has been collecting and manipulating local field recordings which he will use use to resonate our container. On August 8, you are welcomed to come lean against the container to hear and feel the hum of the neighborhood. On September 12, you'll be invited to gaze at the sky as you listen, contemplate and observe. Scents and other airborne phenomena will help further direct your attention into a contemplative state.
Eight and Sand - "Perspectives" by Mary ClymerThis month multimedia artist Mary Clymer is back for her second solo show. This show features vintage photographs embellished with hand embroidery. Each photo is altered to evoke a surreal, creepy, or whimsical feeling.
Georgetown Liquor Company - "Oddities & Eccentricities" by Larkin, creatures to illuminate the darkest of nights...
Krab Jab Studio - "I'll Read You a Story: Children's Book Art Show" (encore). The names may not be familiar, but the art will peal bells within the heart! Childhood is never complete without picture books. We learn our barnyard animals, we dance under a smiling moon, we giggle at the antics of hungry insects, and we chew on the pages and bindings with zest. Krab Jab Studio invites the viewer to revisit those wonderful images with the published work of some of the best contemporary children's book illustrators of today.
Mainframe - "The Gang's All Here" group show. Mainframe's 2nd annual group show include works in a wide variety of mediums by established and emerging contemporary artists from LA and Seattle. This is one of the final occasions where many of the representative artworks will be available at introductory prices. Pre-sale starts today and are open for viewing during regular hours or by appointment.
Spectrum House Salon & Photo - "Vital Fluids" by Seb Barnett. Seb’s imagery explores the space between reality and fantasy in a contemporary context. The images created evoke strong emotions of defiance, grief, curiosity, and more. The fantastic is married with the hard realities of being alive in a world that is both beautiful and harsh. Plants, fungi and color become a symbol of intense emotions that can’t necessarily be known, understood, or expressed.
Also check out new work at 9lb Hammer, Artcore TattooBelle & Whissel, Fantagraphics Bookstore, Georgetown AtelierGeorgetown Arts & Cultural Centre, Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, Interstitial, Smarty Pants, The Alice, Totally Blown GlassworksTwo Tartes CafeWax Expressions, and more!

Ames Lake Art Escape. NEW! Custom-tailored art classes! Every Tuesday night from 7-10pm. $50/session or $160 for 4-weeks. Ames Lake Art Escape is your place to get away from the city, relax with a glass of wine, and focus on developing your art skills. We offer a custom-tailored experience adjusted to your speed, interest, and ability - the perfect way to develop your art skills in a low-stress, supportive environment. Whether you are experienced and looking to find community while expanding your skills, or brand new and excited to discover the world of art, Ames Lake Art Escape can be a wonderful place to practice techniques, seek guidance, and explore new materials in a casual setting, customized for your needs. Classes are organized and hosted by two local artists, Maj Askew & Carl Falkner, and run out of a spacious personal studio outside of Redmond. 

Calypte Gallery
The Factory
Ghost Gallery

St John's Eatery

The Capitol Hill Art Walk ~ Thursday, 13 August from 5-9pm. Selected shows:
Broadcast Coffee Roasters - Morbid Anatomy, the Art of Anita Arora
Calypte Gallery - Please join artist Joey Veltkamp for an indoor/outdoor social and exhibition of summer related flags. Grab a frozen treat from inside the gallery, head across the street to Cal Anderson Park, and join your fellow art-devotees on the lawn to take in the show. 
Dendroica Gallery - Grand opening!!! Director Martha Dunham picks up in the space Blindfold Gallery left off with an eclectic roster of local & national artists. From sculptors to projection artists, from cartoonists to highly realistic painters, the artists on Dendroica's roster produce work that is best experienced through physical presence. Featuring: Jeff Mihalyo, Jon Lewis, Joseph Gray-Smith, Lisaann Cohn, Michael Magrath, Reilly Donovan, Russell C. Smith, Shari Mendelson, Shelley Higman, Tracy Lang, Ulrich Pakker & William Vaegemast.
The Factory - "Mad World" by Lauren Max & Naomi Rincon. Mad World is a photo collaboration between Lauren Max, photographer, and Naomi Rincon, hair and make-up artist. Together, they've created a new portrait series that focuses on a fantasy world all their own by pairing natural settings and elements with unusual and futuristically-styled models as their subjects.
Ghost Gallery - "Shadow Box" group show. Featuring local & national female-identifying artists.
In-Arts Collective - "Trash Monster" Come on over and enjoy some trash! This celebration of garbage will be held at a unique house at the top of Capitol Hill, Seattle, called the in! This bedazzling art party will include: An earthship workshop from the amazing folks creating the Seattle Trash Studio, a radically sustainable building project! A trash fashion show! Live music! Art from dumpsters! Sustainable concepts! Monsters! Trash! Please, dress as a monster or wear a little trash, or both if you feel so inclined! Money/support is also encouraged. A $5, $10, $20 pay-what-you-can donation at the door will help replenish expenses and labor of love for this event. Most of all, we just want you to have fun and enjoy the art of trash!
Joe Bar - Baso Fibonacci
Mercury - "Transmission" Featured artist: Omar Rashan! Featured vendor: Kelly Jackson! Featured bellydance: Raqs Nocturna with Charlatan! Every month we bring you the best in Shoegaze, post-punk, post-rock and psych music with your host DJ Echo! You do not have to be a member for this night, and you do not need a member to sign you in. It is open to the public. No dress code. Free for members before 9.30pm, $5 for non-members. Starts at 9pm and goes til 2am.
Retrofit Home  - Joseph Brooks, new works
Saint John's Bar - Brian Wentz, original collage
True Love Gallery - "Las Fauvanistas" featuring the art of Cindy Small, Jessica Dodge & Nancy Kiefer. In the wild spirit of the 20th century Fauves, Las Fauvinistas are a group of artists who give emotional weight to color and form to convey expression and ideas in their work.

Vermillion - Darryl Ary. Darryl Ary has been selling artwork on the streets of Seattle for decades. He has possibly sold more work than any other artist in the history of Seattle. For this show we are bringing in work of his collectors from the early 90's till present as well as showing some new pieces created for the show.
Also check out new work at 12th Avenue Arts, AmericanaApocalypse TattooBauhausCaffe VitaCafe Pettirosso, Capitol Cider, Cloud Gallery, Cupcake RoyaleFront Seat Gallery, High 5 Pie, Kismet Salon, Laughing Buddha, Online CafeParis EastsidePCNWPoco Wine + Spirits, SAAMSaints Gallery, STart Wall ProjectSugarPill, The Pine Boxand more!

The West Seattle Art Walk ~ Thursday, 13 August from 6-9pm. Selected shows: 
Twilight Gallery - "Put the Needle on the Record" continued exhibit
Also check out new work at Arts West, Click! Design That FitsThe Heartland CafeHotwire CoffeeShadowlandSkylark Cafe, Shoofly PieWest 5, Wild Rose's, Windermere, and more!

The Art Up Phinneywood Art Walk ~ Friday, 14 August from 6-10pm. Selected shows:
Echo Echo Gallery - Join us for Greenwood's 2nd Friday art walk! The Echo Echo crew will have a new array of work including "Ghost Story" by Xavier Lopez Jr! We're also thrilled to be hosting the colourful creature creations of NiNABRi© whose pieces have travelled all the way from Slovenia for the occasion! 
Push/Pull - "Comic Life" group show. Comic Life celebrates original comic art by Seattle artists. The use of sequential images for storytelling is one of the oldest forms of art and yet our modern world often considers it to be a lesser art-form than other fine arts. Join us in recognizing this ancient and beautiful technique of bringing stories to life.
Urban Light Studios - "3rd Annual Between Two Worlds: Twin Peaks Inspired Show" Featuring over 20 artists! First 20 people to show up in Twin Peaks costume will receive a door prize!
Also check out new and exciting work at Avanti Art & DesignChocolattiGainsbourg, HappyTime Apocalypse, Home Suite Home, Naked City Brewery, Paper Diamonds Clothing, Quadrapus, School of RockThe Space is Ours, Two Bird TattooWarlock Labs, and more!

Stylus Salon
The Belltown Art Walk ~ Friday, 14 August from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Stylus Salon - Heather Ann Kelly & Jesse Link. Ghost Gallery presents an off-site exhibit at the gorgeous STYLUS SALON in Belltown. Seattle artists Heather Ann Kelly and Jesse Link will be showing a vibrant collection of originals and giclee prints. Heather Ann Kelly: Large format mixed media & collage paintings with 3D elements. Richly layered, mystical themes. Jesse Link: Archival giclee prints on canvas featuring some of his most recent work. Bright, playful narratives.
Also check out brand new work at A/NT Gallery, Bikes + Art, City Hostel SeattleCrocodile CafeEssentia, Form/Space Atelier, Michelle Dirkse Interior Design, Patricia Cameron Gallery, Pintxo & The UpstairsRocco's, Rudy's Barber ShopSassafras, Seattle Ink & Oil, and more!

"Anirevo" at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC. Friday-Sunday, 14-16 August. Anime Revolution is an annual Anime Convention held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Aiming to spread love and appreciation for Anime and Japanese Culture, we celebrate and partake in cultural exchange over three fun-filled days of activities, exhibits, panels, and performances. These include art, animation, comics, contests, costuming, cultural displays, dance, gaming, musical performances, and much more. This exciting annual event is held at the Vancouver Convention Centre!

"2nd Saturdays at TK Hall Collective" ~ The 2nd Saturday of every month from noon-5pm at the TK Artist Loft building in Pioneer Square. With the revitalised success of the Pioneer Square 1st Thursday Art Walk, several of the working studios at the Tashiro/Kaplan Building have collectively decided to add a new tradition by also opening our doors to the public on the second Saturday of every month from noon to 5 pm. Participating studios:
306 S Washington St. (#101 - Ellen Hoch Berg, #103 - Studio 103, #104 - Juan Alonso, #105 - Joanna Morgan Designs)
312 S Washington St. (#2B - Barbara Noonin, #C - Jody Joldersma)

 "Northwest Comic Fest" at the Salem Convention Centre in Salem, OR. Saturdy & Sunday, 15-16 August. This will be a festival of Comic Books, Superheroes, Sci-fi, Horror, Pop-culture, Movies, Action, Music, Panels, and more to come…

The Queen Anne Uptown Art Walk ~ Wednesday, 19 August from 5-7.30pm. Selected shows:
Check out new work at Bombsheller Art LabsCaffe LadroLiberty Tattoo ParlourMercer Street BooksMud BayPeridot BoutiqueTeatro Zinzanni, Tin Lizzie Lounge, Toulouse PetitThe Vera Project, and more!

"Worldcon: Sasquan 2015: The 73rd World Science Fiction Convention" in Spokane, 19-23 August. Sasquan is the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention, also known as “Worldcon,” the annual gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans. Worldcon celebrates the best works and creators in the speculative fiction field and culture. Hundreds of authors, editors, publishers, artists, scientists, game designers, and other creators and intellectual leaders will participate in the convention program.
    Worldcons are the site of the Hugo Awards, the premier awards in the science fiction field, recognizing the greatest books and stories, related works, film, television, podcasts, and fan works.  
    The convention will feature panels, presentations, readings, autograph sessions, kaffeeklatsches, and discussion groups, as well as participatory activities including writing, art, and other workshops, costuming and cosplaying, filk and other music, games including role-playing, board, and card games, fanzines, children’s programming, and other activities,
    There will also be an art show, dealers room, exhibits on science, publishing, and the history and culture of fandom, and a world-class stage masquerade with the best fan costumers. The convention theme will include content from stories and storytellers of the Northwest, from aboriginal legends through the technologies of present and future to the possibilities and impossibilities of what we can imagine.

The Edmonds Art Walk ~ Friday, 20 August from 5-8pm. Selected shows:
Otherworlds - "Here There Be Dragons..." by Cori Dietsch. Watercolour & digital prints of dragons & other fantastical forms!
Cheesemongers is right next door if you find yourself in need of something delicious, and you can check out new work at ARTspot, Arts Now, C'est La VieThe PaperyRed Petal CakesStunningly Strange Gallery, and more than 30 other Edmonds art spaces!
The Edmonds Thearte presents Free Movie Night! Every 3rd Thursday following the Art Walk! This Month: TBA


The University District Art Walk ~ Friday, 21 August from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Chaco Canyon Cafe - John Hunter, surreal plantscapes 
Gargoyles Statuary - TBA
Trabant Coffee & Chai - "Tiny Adventures" by Corey Skillman. Help Corey fund her European adventure in August! This month Trabant hosts her small angry animals, mystical starscapes, and pop culture vignettes.
Also see new work at 7 Market & CafeBC Surf + Sport, Cafe Allegro, Cafe Solstice, Daisy Sky Studio, Herkimer Coffee, Lucid Gallery, Moksha, University Business Center, Zoka Coffee, and more! 

"SAM Remix" at the Olympic Sculpture Park, Saturday, 21 August from 8pm-late. The ever-popular late night #SAMRemix returns August 21st! This time we'll get down at the Olympic Sculpture Park! Tickets now on sale. Buy early, these events sell out! Tickets here. 18+ event.  

"Exterminator City" at Push/Pull, Sunday, 22 August from 11am-4pm. A FREE comics and illustration market featuring the work of over 26 different artists! In our fourth installment we're aiming to build an even bigger network of local comic artists and illustrators and the community that supports them. Exterminator City is like a comic art party where the hanging out is open to the public to meet and talk to artists and support them directly and in person. There is no reason at all that this should be isolating or lonely. That's why we are here.

"Summit Block Party" on Capitol Hill, Sunday, 22 August from noon-10pm. The annual Summit Block Party brings Seattle's artistic community together and strengthens its bonds; showcases local artists, musicians, and craft-makers; and promotes the acceptance of all races, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic classes. Summit Block Party is a free, non-for-profit, volunteer-run event, and is fueled by community support.

"Turn (Part 2: Sean M Johnson)" 4th Tuesdays at Joe Bar. Tuesday, 25 August at Joe Bar from 6.30-9.30pm. The 2nd installment in this inaugural series is Sean M. Johnson. Stay tuned! TURN is a year-long collaborative exhibition, where twelve artists take turns transforming a single piece.

"Punk Rock Flea Market" at the Punk Rock Post Office, Saturday, 29 August from noon-10pm. Seattle’s PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET will be BIGGER and BADDER than ever on Saturday August 29, 2015! You can quote me on that. Check this out: We are once again at our fantastic new digs in the Central District, in the Punk Rock Post Office at the corner of 23rd and Union. But this time around we are having vendors INSIDE and OUTSIDE, which means that 150 people are selling their stuff AT THE SAME TIME. Plus bar, food, kickin’ DJ and live music. In other words: IT’S ON!

"PAX Prime" at the WA State Convention Centre, Friday-Monday, 28-31 August. In 2004, the folks at Penny Arcade decided they wanted a show exclusively for gaming. Sure, comics, anime, and other nerd hobbies were cool, and those activities all had their own shows… so what about games? From that idea spawned a small 4,500 person event in Bellevue, Washington, focused on the culture and community that is gaming. Since then, the show hasn’t looked back. Doubling in size each year until venue capacities were reached, in 2010 the show expanded into Boston for PAX East, drawing tens of thousands of attendees in the inaugural year. The shows in Seattle and Boston represent the two largest gaming events in North America! (from PAX features brand new games for consoles and computers as well as exhibits, panels, board games, live music, and more! Tickets are completely SOLD OUT for 2015, so get them early next year if you can! 


Chris Sheridan, Braden Duncan & Mary Enslow at Columbia Winery in Woodinville. Oil, watercolour & ceramic. Curated by Bherd Studios, showing through 30 September.

Chiho Aoshima @ SAAM
The SAAM is currently featuring:
"Rebirth of the World" by Chiho Aoshima. (2 May - 4 October) Welcome to the fantastic world of Chiho Aoshima. This might just be our future. Who’s to say that as technology advances, as natural disasters rise, as the organic world blends with the manmade, that smartphones will not become smart buildings? That skyscrapers will not stand up and walk among mountains? That ghosts and spirits don’t already float through our world? Aoshima’s work has undeniably dark images but a positive attitude. There’s no evidence of fear in her art. Her murals, digital prints, and drawings don’t want to escape from society or from the future. Instead, she seems to embrace all possibilities, including a world where the skeletons and ghosts reside alongside the rest of us. Her work may look like a surreal fantasy. But ask Aoshima, and she’ll tell you she’s showing us the reality that our beautifully chaotic world may be hurtling toward.

The SAM is currently featuring:
"Place" by John Armstrong, Mel Curtis & Jennifer Stanton. Where we live, where we've come from, and where we choose to be all help inform our daily experiences and our sense of place in the world. John Armstrong says that his photos "show some of the irony, humor and weirdness of what it's like living in America today." Mel Curtis travels the world – at times with University of Washington student groups – and will have new images based on those travels. Jennifer Stanton's new work "is a series of Acacia trees, which easily lead the mind to the continent of Africa."

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art is currently featuring:
The Mesa Gallery presents "Cut & Bent" a group exhibition of art in tin, curated by Bill Bran-Mickle. Tin as an artistic medium is fairly unusual even though it has surrounded us for many decades.  With the surge in interest in environmental conservation, it is no wonder artists have found their way to contribute by recycling tins into artistic expression. Featuring work by Deborah Paul, Jenny Fillius, Kathy Ross, Loran Scruggs, Nan Wonderly, Nia Michaels & Ross Palmer Beecher.
The Sherry Grover Gallery presents "Artists' Books: Chapter Four" & "Miniature Books: Collection of Margot E Amestoy"

Wayne Bund @ Gage
Gage Academy of Art is currently featuring:
"Drink & Draw" every 1st Friday from 7-9pm. Each session is based on a theme – a costumed model, still life arrangements, music, videos and more. We’ll provide the drawing materials for free – or just have a cocktail or glass of wine and watch the artists work! No formal instruction is provided, no host bar. Ages 21+ only, please. $10 at the door.

"Sanctum" @ Henry
The Henry Art Gallery is currently featuring:  
"Maximum Fun: A New Sincerity Event" Saturday, 13 August at 5pm. Maximum Fun is part picnic, part aerobics class, and part community-building event featuring works by Nat Evans, Mario Lemafa, and Elizabeth Spavento. Join us at the UW's Sylvan Theater to traverse mental obstacle courses, jump over things, and shout in unison. Playing off Jesse Thorn's Manifesto for the New Sincerity, Maximum Fun seeks to probe the relationship between sincerity and irony through a series of interactive activities inspired by the legendary Evel Knievel.
"Sanctum" by Juan Pampin & James Coupe (4 May 2013 - 23 August 2015). An interactive art installation, Sanctum employs surveillance systems to generate cinematic narratives with social media content that matches the demographic profile of passers-by. Sanctum seeks to investigate the narrative potential of social media while raising important and provocative questions about the conflicting imperatives emerging in our culture as we promote and embrace ever-more-intrusive electronic media, while still cherishing traditional notions of privacy.

The Frye Art Museum is currently featuring:  
"Structure & Ornament" by Leo Saul Berk, an exhibition which comprises sculptural and video work by Seattle artist Leo Saul Berk, as well as two new site-specific works commissioned by the Museum.
"Andy Warhol: Little Red Book #178" Little Red Book #178 comprises nineteen Polaroids of friends and celebrities, many of whom were involved in the production of Warhol's film L'Amour (1973), which was filmed in Paris in September 1970. L'Amour was written and directed by Warhol and Paul Morrissey. The film starred Warhol superstars Jane Forth and Donna Jordan, French actor Max Delys, and American actor Michael Sklar; the cast also included Peter Greenlaw and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.
The Frye also hosts an art lecture series every Thursday night. 

With this much going on, you couldn't possibly complain that there's nothing to do in Seattle! 

Support your local art scene! Cheers.

~ BCDuncan

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