Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Seb Barnett ~ In Rememberance

Over the weekend, I learned that Seb Barnett, fellow artist & dear friend, took their own life. I don't have the words to express how profoundly their loss has affected friends, family, and the entire art community who knew & loved them. Seb was a force of nature, and their unique insight, constant compassion, and brilliant light is irreplaceable. 

Photo by Braden Duncan
When I think of Seb, they're always among the trees, and I'd like to believe that Seb's energy as passed once again into the forest, where they always felt at home. 

There are two events happening this month, planned before Seb's passing, that will continue onward in celebration of Seb's life & art:

“De Trop”
Friday, 14 October at Urban Light Studios in Greenwood. (Semi-Private Event for friends & family of Seb)

Our hearts broke this weekend in learning of Seb's passing. The title of this show, "De Trop", translates to "too much" in French. Seb decided to use this title because they wore the description with pride by choosing emotional vulnerability and openness each day. It only took one interaction to see the beauty and light Seb carried with them. Our community lost a great artist and teacher, someone defined by their capacity for empathy and kindness. Our doors will be open on Friday to celebrate Seb's life and work. While the original pieces intended for this show will not be available, the amazing team at Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction has donated 15 full-sized canvas prints of those works. These pieces will be for sale, with 100% of proceeds going to toward Seb's family. Several original pieces will be on display but not for sale, courtesy of their collectors. 

This is show is one night only.  

F**k My Tits
Saturday, 22 October at Muse Gallery in West Seattle. 

This event will go on as a memorial celebration for our beloved Seb Barnett. And, we mean celebration. Seb would not want us to wear black and tell sad stories. There will be a big green altar. We encourage you to bring a small offering, whether it be a flower, a rock, a letter. Many arts will be auctioned. All proceeds will be donated to a charity for LGBTQ+ youth.

Drag Kings, Auctions, and Beers, oh my! Beloved Seattle genderqueer artist, Seb Barnett, was saving up for a double-mastectomy. This celebration was to be a benefit to raise funds for surgery. Seb passed away late October 7, but we will continue this event, in their honor, the way they had been planning. Let’s come together and show our support for Seb’s journey, for their life, their spirit, and let's do it through our art.

DRAG KING Performances by NG Langston’s Dapper Down Productions at 10pm!
DJS spinning records that’re gonna make you shake your ass!
SILENT ART AUCTION FROM 7-9:30 pm with works by Amanda Stalter, Jonathan Seright, Bill Dawson, Crystal Barbre, Fedora Carpenter, Casey Weldon, Emily Brown, Reed Carpenter, Carl Faulkner and of course… Seb Barnett. (Update: over 40 artists have contributed small works for this event. Reproductions of Seb's work will be included, but none of Seb’s originals will be for auction. All other art is up for silent auction until 9:30pm.)

This is a Safe Place. Security, Escorts to/from car/bus provided.
LOTS OF PARKING! For designated drivers. Be safe everyone.

There is a Memorial Fund set up to pay for funeral expenses. 

And a beautiful tribute, "Remembering Seb Barnett: Artist, Creator, Shaman" written by Heather Greene at The Wild Hunt

Here is a link to Seb's website for anyone interested in seeing more of their work and hearing about their process in their own words.

Please be kind to one other.

~ BCDuncan

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