Friday, February 21, 2014

U DISTRICT: Angry Animals & Dark Love

It's okay if you missed Valentine's Day, because the U District is showcasing an encore! I'm joined this eve by friends Corey and Jon, and our first stop is Starbucks, where Corey is having a solo show of her tiny angry animal paintings!

Artist Corey Skillman @ Starbucks

Across the street is Gargoyles with "Dark Love: The Sweet and the Sanguine" a group show featuring local artists and art exploring the darker side of love including Braden Duncan (me), Dani Bissonette, Heidi Estey, Jon Sproul, Lis Wright Ivec, Liv Rainey-Smith, Mike Mullins, Rebecca Tracy, Ryan Henry Ward, and Xavier Lopez Jr.

"Dark Love" @ Gargoyles
Corey & Jon @ Gargoyles
The last stop is BC Surf + Sport with their second annual "100 Art Show" featuring 100 local artists and over 100 pieces of art, all for only $10 each!

"100 Art Show" @ BC Surf + Sport

These shows are up all month, so stop by if you weren't able to make it out this eve!

Support your local art scene!

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