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MARCH Art Fix: Upcoming Events

If you need your art fix for the month of March (and I know I do!), here are some shows that you won't want to miss! March marks the end of winter, so it's time to shed some layers and enjoy the (slightly) warmer weather! And in case you're not feeling Irish enough to celebrate St Patrick's Day (17th), try National Pig Day (1st), If Pets Had Thumbs Day (3rd), Girl Scouts Day (12th - oh, yeah, it's cookie time!), National Pi Day (14th), The Ides of March (15th), Waffle Day (25th), and the Festival of Smoke and Mirrors (29th). It's also Comicon month, so dress up as your favourite caped crusader, and get your art on!


"TOUCH ME: I am Violent" at Vermilion on Capitol Hill. You still have a chance to see the exhibit that sparked the controversy last month! The concept is born out of the wall that exists when experiencing art. The first rule is not to touch the work. Rightly one of the purposes of exhibits and museums is to sustain and protect the work. And touching expedites the process of deterioration. Show runs through 8 March.

"Happiness Is... A Cup of Coffee" by Vikram Madan at Local Color in Pike Place Market, Saturday, 1 February from 6-8pm. Presenting a series of 30 whimsical miniature oil paintings by Vikram Madan celebrating our love for coffee. On display at Local Color in Pike Place Market all through Feb and March 2014. There will be 3 other artists in the reception, each with their own mini show-within-a-show.


"Winter is Coming" at Ltd Gallery, Saturday, 1 March from 6-10pm. Acclaimed novelist George R.R. Martin, together with Ltd. Art Gallery, presents an art show inspired by his series of epic fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire. An unparalleled collection of today's top fantasy and pop artists will draw inspiration from the many characters and locations of this groundbreaking historical fantasy series to create truly unique original and limited edition artwork. Featuring the stylings of DJ Hojo and free libations!

"It's Not Me; It's You: A Month-Long Pop-Up Show" at Twilight Gallery, opens Saturday, 1 March at 5pm. Jonquil & Mr Black invite you to celebrate the arrival of Spring with the launch of our new Bank Pouch in a unique, interactive pop-up shop hosted by Twilight Gallery the entire month of March!

"The 2nd Annual Tanks and Helmets" at The Piranha Shop, Saturday, 1 March from 6-10pm. Showcasing the work of 30+ artists, displaying their work on the unfamiliar canvas of plastic or steel to communicate their perspective on a kustom kulture that has been around forever. Artists include: Andrew Remier, Brennan Coyle, Charlie GRRL, Chris Adams, Cliff Yates, Curtis Ashby, David Choe, Davin Spridgen, Duffy, Eric Marts, Erika Jones Zingler, Hash, Hubba, Jen Vertz, Jeremy Decory, Jeremy Deming, Jesse Brown, Joe McSween, Joe Vollan, Juan Martini, Khalil Linane, Kyler Martz, Lonnie Moon, Mat Savage, Maynerd, Quincy Quigg, Roni Falgout, Schoph Schophield, Street Trash Brewing, Travis White, and more!

"rEvolution" at A/NT Gallery, Saturday, 1 March from 6-10pm. An opus of photojournalistic field notes - invites you to embark for revolutionary Ukraine, the geopolitical hotspot of today's Eurasia. Look courage in the eye, be inspired, contemplate, spread the word, and act for positive change. rEvolution is a call for collective awareness, duty of care, and solidary engagement, as part of conscientious global citizenship. Featured artist: Ivan Bogdan (Ukrainian Photographer of the Year laureate). Exhibition also includes work from Alexandr Piliugin, Anastasiya Vlasova, Ingwar Dovgoteles, Mykhaylo Palinchak, and Nadia Romanova.

Opening in conjunction with "rEvolution" is "Light & Memory" at A/NT Gallery, Saturday, 1 March from 6-10pm. A celebration of brighter times through the medium of light, photography. We'll have the work of 54 different photographers chosen by our jurors, including pieces from local artists as well as national and international artists.

The 1st Saturday Art Walk in Port Townsend, Saturday, 1 February from 5.30-8.30pm. Selected shows: 
Cellar Door - Braden Duncan, "Mechanical Aviary", wind-up miniature watercolour birds
Also check out new work at Earthenworks Gallery, Forest Gems Gallery, Gallery 9, Max Grover Gallery, Northwind ArtsAlliance, Port Townsend Gallery, Red Raven Gallery, Simon Mace Gallery, Williams Gallery, and more! If you get hungry along the way, stop into Elevated Ice Cream, Nifty Fifty'sDiner, Water Street Creperie, or Cellar Door (the delicious brainchild of local food afficionados Dominic Svornich and Stephanie Hoch). 

Doris Chase @ Abmeyer + Wood

The 1st Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square, Thursday, 6 March from 5-8pm. Selected shows:
Abmeyer + Wood - "Sculpture 1964-1974" by Doris Chase
AXIS Pioneer Square - "Ex Libris: 100 Artists, 100 Books" An exciting exhibition that aims to bring together the worlds of visual art and literature. The invited artists will present works that draw inspiration from books that are important or special to them. Attendees are encouraged to dress like a librarian or favorite author. Prizes will be awarded for best costume!
Flatcolor Gallery - Flatcolor Gallery welcomes Brooklyn, NY artist lilKool to Seattle for his solo exhibition! Fresh off the internet, lilKool's oddball characters and bold compositions are taking center stage this March at Flatcolor Gallery.  Fans of 70's animation and psychedelic comic art are sure to find something to like in the first exhibition of lilKool's work on the west coast. 
Gallery IMA - "Lost & Found" by Alan Corkery Hahn & Crystal Neubauer
Greg Kucera Gallery - "Paintings from the Estate of Michael Dailey"
Roq la Rue - "Infusion" a group show invitational featuring a huge array of artists from around the globe who are new to the gallery including Alessandra Maria, Alessia Iannetti, Andrea Wicklund, Dylan Neuwirth, Femke Hiemstra, Jeff Jacobson, Jeremy Mann, Joanne Nam, John Brophy, Laurie Lee Brom, Lucy Hardie, Nicomi Nix Turner, R Freymuth-Fraizer, Redd Walitzki, Zachari Logan, and a brand new mural by Robert Hardgrave!
SAM - "Are you Surreal?" Live painting by Ryan 'Henry' Ward and Xavier Lopez Jr. See the world in new ways with Joan MirĂ³ in The Experience of Seeing, then reinvent it as you sketch or paint fantastical characters and forms in the studio. Local artists Xavier Lopez Jr. and Ryan Henry Ward will be on hand to provide instruction and inspiration during this drop-in session.
SOIL - "Kinetic Thirds" by Anna Czoski, Alice Gosti & Reilly Sinanan. An exhibition that aims to smudge, erase, and ultimately investigate boundaries of performance and video art. Creating systems of capturing time, movement and space, each artist explores a formula in identifying memory. Through the documentation of past performances, live performance, installation, and sculpture Kinetic Thirds becomes a collection of reminisce, a history of the materials that are left behind.
Trabant Coffee - "HappyTime Apocalypse" HappyTime Apocalypse is an art collective that celebrates the balance of dark and light, good and evil, happy and horrified. We aim to create an artistic escape from the horrors of the world that surround us by bringing attention to the humor and beauty within the maddening and grotesque parts of the human experience, illuminating the opposing forces of humanity within us all.
Also check out new work at 4Culture, 57 Biscayne, Angle Gallery, Art Xchange, The Belfry Oddities, Core Gallery, Davidson Galleries, Delicatus, Foster/White Gallery, Gallery 110goCstudio, Heart, Linda Hodges Gallery, Method Gallery, Nord Alley & the Alley Network Project, Occidental Square Park, OK Galley, Pioneer Square Saloon, Punch, Room 104 Gallery, SAM, SAM Gallery, Shift, Stonington Gallery, TK Artist Lofts, and more! Pioneer Square is the oldest art walk in the United States, and features over 50 galleries, studios, and other art spaces!

The 1st Thursday Art Walk (B-Town Beat) in Burien. Thursday, 7 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Burien Press - "Backdrop Art" by Jesse Link
Skinperfect Aesthetics - "Mechanical Aviary" by Braden Duncan
Check out new work at Burien Arts Gallery, Burien Books, Elliott Bay Brewery, Glass Expressions, Maven Mercantile, Phoenix Tea, Vino Bello, and more!

"Complex Candy" by Dorielle Caimi at Gusford Gallery in Los Angeles. Opening reception Thursday, 6 March from 6-9pm. I don't usually feature shows on other cities, but Dorielle is a Seattle artist, and this is her first solo show at Gusford! She will present a series of oil paintings that focus on the female nude. Featuring vibrant colors and strong symbolism, "Complex Candy" will explore psychological struggles and societal pressures placed on young women in contemporary America. If you're in CA, check it out!

Kree Arvanitas @ Fremont Jewelry
Laura Cameron @ Gassworks Gallery

The 1st Friday Art Walk in Fremont, Friday, 7 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Fremont Jewelry Design - "Criss-Crossing Liminality" by Kree Arvanitas 
Gasworks Gallery - "Open Studio" with Laura Cameron of Northwest Visions Studio
Also check out new work at ArtFX Gallery, Asgard Tavern, Atlas Clothing, Bellefleur Lingerie, evo Timesinfinity Gallery, Frame Up Studios, Fremont Health Club, GiGi Retro Inspired Clothing, Hub and Bespoke, Johnson Architects, Makerhaus, Pel'MeniDumpling Tzar, Portgage Bay Goods, Sanachi Massage, Saturn, Space, Starbucks Coffee, The Sweet Spot, and more! 

The 1st Friday Art Walk in Madison Park, Friday, 7 March from 6-9pm. Featuring art from over 30 local artists! Check out new work at Cactus, Madison Kitchen, Madison Park Bakery, Park Bench Gifts, Red Wagon Toys, Starbucks,and more!

Kim Murton @ BAC

The 1st Friday Art Walk in Bainbridge Island, Friday, 7 March from 6-8pm. Selected shows:
Bainbridge Arts &Crafts - "Think Ink" by Kim Murton
Roby King Gallery - Robert Schlegel, painting 
See new and exciting work at Blackbird Bakery, the BPA, Danger, Fork & Spoon, Ginger, Harbour Public House, IslandGallery, Pegasus Coffee, Pauli Dennis Gallery, PrettyStick, Sally Robinson Gallery, and more!

Maxx @ Monster
The 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Ballard, Saturday, 8 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Monster Art & Clothing - "Spirit Animals" by Maxx. What is your spirit animal? Come to Monster on March 8th, dress up as your spirit animal and check out the colorful collection of original spirit animal paintings that Maxx has created! Everyone that arrives in a spirit animal costume can enter a drawing for a prize bag full off awesome Monster goodies! Also featuring aerial performer Jessica Prince aka The Aerial Nurse!
Check out new work at Annie's Art &Frame, Art & Soul, Ballard Metal Arts, Ballard Works, The BalMar, Blowing Sands Glass Studio, Building C Studios, Cupcake Royal, Filthy Rich, Full Tilt, Habitude, Kiss Cafe, Liberte, Miro Tea, Nightingale Gallery, Savour, Spark Studio, the Sunset Tavern, Venue, and more!

The 2nd Saturday Art Walk in the Central District, Saturday, 8 March from 6-9pm. Check out new happenings at the Neptune Gallery Sculpture Garden, Atelier Autumnthing, Hi-Spot Cafe, Pratt Fine Art Centre, Twilight Exit and more!

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law @ Krab Jab Studio

The 2nd Saturday Art Attack in Georgetown, Saturday 8 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows: 
Calamity Jane's - "Markmakings" by Mark Tedin
Eight and Sand - "Felt Nature" by Mary Clymer, fiber art
Georgetown Liquor Company - "Pain Body" by Rachel Setzer of Setzer Studio Arts. "Your pin is real, it is really part of you, no one has the right to deny or diminish it. However just because it hurts, doesn't mean that it's in charge."
Krab Jab Studios - "The Art of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law". Renowned illustrator Stephanie Pui-Mun Law will have her first solo show in Seattle here at Krab Jab Studio! Stephanie has created several never-before-seen works just for this special occasion; over thirty pieces in all! Stephanie has graced us with her fluid, delicate watercolors for well over ten years. Whether illustrating fantastical landscapes filled with fae and fawna, her several book covers, game work for Wizards of the Coast, or her acclaimed Shadowscapes Tarot deck, the detail and grace combined with masterful skill of her medium of choice has made her a favorite in the world of fantasy. Stephanie will be flying in for the artist reception, and we plan on having her discuss her body of work at 7:30 pm.
LxWxH Gallery - "Stereo*type*" An interdisciplinary project that features 6 national artists who enter the visual field of race by dint of text. The exhibition's title is a partial nod towards the word 'stereotype' having its first meaning as a plate used to press images. It is also a (quiet) suggestion that the written word might also exist as an image by other means.The text-based pieces in stereo*type* focus on poetics, type and typography as aesthetic markers that can outline and expand upon racial identities. In the offing is the possibility of looking at agency and authority in unexpected ways, not only in the white cube of the gallery, but also in the lived reality of viewer and artist alike. Guest curated by C. Davida Ingram and featuring artists Barbara Earl Thomas, C. Davida Ingram, Duriel E. Harris, Francine J. Harris, Krista Franklin, and Natasha Marin.
LxWxH Subscription Project - "An Immaterial Box" featuring Dylan Neuwirth, Jeff Gerber, and Greg Lundgren
Also check out new work at 9lb Hammer, Artcore Tattoo, Belle & Whissel, Fantagraphics Bookstore, Georgetown Arts & Cultural Centre, Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, Nautilus Studios, Smarty Pants, Totally Blown Glassworks, Two Tartes Cafe, Wax Expressions, and more!

The 2nd Wednesday Art Walk in Wallingford takes place May-September from 6-9pm.
Until then, you can always find art at the Assistance League Thrift Shop, Blue Star Cafe, Cafe Appasionato, Chocolati, Cutz Meridian, Frame Central, Fuel Coffee, Kerf Gallery, Lucky 7 Salon, Seamonster Lounge, Seattle Mosaic Arts and more! Don't forget to stop into Archie McPhee's as well! It doesn't exactly showcase 'art,' but it's fantastic and ridiculous, and you won't be disappointed...

Jody Joldersma @ Ghost Gallery

The 2nd Thursday Art Walk in Capitol Hill, Thursday, 13 March from 5-9pm. Selected shows:
Cafe PettiRosso - Keegan O'Rourke
Cloud Gallery - Colourful figurative paintings, portraits, and still lives by Autumn Kegley, George Jennings, and Valencia Carroll
Ghost Gallery - "Amazons & Trolls: Escaping the Dungeons of the Modern Monster" by Jody Joldersma. A solo exhibition featuring new mixed media work exploring various takes on feminism and trolling.
Ltd Gallery - "Winter is Coming" (encore opening) featuring over a dozen artists and art inspired by George RR Martin's Song of Ice & Fire series.
True Love Gallery - "Constellation: An Overture to the Zodiac" Over forty local, national and international artists will introduce their own interpretation of the 12 Zodiac signs, approaching the subject in many different media. From sculpture to illustration, from painting to mixed media, a diversity of the zodiacal signs will be on display! Curated by Yvette Endrijautzki.
Also check out new work a Apocalypse Tattoo, Blindfold Gallery, Boom Noodle, Cupcake Royale, High 5 Pie, IN Arts Collective, Joe Bar, Laughing Buddha, Online Cafe, Poco Wine + Spirits, Retrofit Home, Vermilion, and more!

"Transmission" at the Mercury, Thursday, 13 March from 9.30pm til late. You do not have to be a member for this night, and you do not need a member to sign you in. It is open to the public. No dress code. Free for members before 9.30pm, $5 for non-members. Starts at 9pm and goes til 2am. The performer will go on around 10.30 and again at 11.30, and the artist will be there all night. Come buy art, drinks, hear music and watch a sexy lady dance. "Transmission" happens the 2nd Thursday of every month.

"In This Place" @ Twilight Gallery

The 2nd Thursday Art Walk in West Seattle, Thursday, 13 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Twilight Gallery - "In This Place" featuring Arshin Agashteh, Dahlia Elsayed, Glenn Tramantano, Kelda Martensen, and Lauren F. Adams. Twilight Gallery is pleased to announce In This Place, a group exhibition of five contemporary artists who address the complexity of place that reveal ideas of identity, land, memory and home.
Also check out new work at Arts West, Click! Design That Fits, The Heartland Cafe, Hotwire Coffee, Shadowland, Skylark Cafe, Shoofly Pie, West 5, Wild Rose's, Windermere, and more!

"Here" @ Bherd Studios

Andy Hopp @ Quadrapus

The 2nd Friday Art Walk in the Greenwood-Phinney neighbourhood, Friday, 14 February from 6-9pm. Selected shows: 
Bherd Studios - "Here." Kellie Talbot and Troy Gua pair up in an unlikely road trip to explore themes of migration, manifest destiny, and the unique American yearning to get out on the highway. Presenting new works in mixed media, and oils on canvas and panel, Here is a two-person take on sense of place, movement and choice. The two artists may have different approaches, but they often end up in the same spot. Talbot creates hyper-real paintings of neon signs, billboards, factories and oddities of the American road-scape. Her large-scale oils blow up certain sections of typography or texture to macro focus, letting us read the flaking paint, burnt-out bulbs and rust like a rebus. Her work often honors the neglected, decaying and passed-by in our modern landscape: old signs, crumbling architecture, forgotten cemeteries. Show runs through 25 April.
Echo Echo - "The Survival Handbook" Featuring adventure themed art by the Echo Echo crew as well as girl scout cookies!
Quadrapus - "Low Brow - High Adventure" by Andy Hopp
Urban Light Studios - "Tall Buildings" This event focuses on our urban environment. Each artist was asked to create and contribute their own interpretation of "Tall Buildings', through the theme of architectural, urban-industrial and three-dimensional work. The show will feature live music, DJ's and icy beverages from Mr. Kevin Sullivan!
Also check out new and exciting work at Chocolatti, Gainsbourg, Home Suite Home, Naked City Brewery, Push/Pull, The Space is Ours, Two Bird Tattoo and more! 

"Feminist Eclat" @ Form/Space Atelier

The 2nd Friday Art Walk in Belltown, Friday, 14 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Form/Space Atelier - "Feminist Eclat No. 9 & Fallen", a site specific installation by Hayley Boyd will exhibit 10 January through 8 March, providing Form/Space Atelier's annual Feminist Eclat exhibition with new and exciting visual information to narrate the thematic premise.
Stylus Salon - "Signs & Omens" by Salyna Gracie. Show runs through 8 March.
Also check out brand new work at A/NT Gallery, Bikes + Art, City Hostel Seattle, Patricia Cameron Gallery, Pintxo & The Upstairs, Rudy's Barber Shop, Sassafras, Seattle Ink & Oil, and more!

Corey Skillman @ Otherworlds

The 3rd Thursday Art Walk in Edmonds, Thursday, 20 March from 5-8pm. Selected shows:
Otherworlds - "Nebulas" by Corey Skillman. Otherworlds regularly hosts fun and exciting steampunk/gamer/geek/sci-fi/fantasy/gothic/horror-themed events!  
Cheesemongers is right next door if you find yourself in need of something delicious, and you can check out new work at ARTspot, Arts Now, C'est La Vie, The Papery, Red Petal Cakes, Stunningly Strange Gallery, and more than 30 other Edmonds art spaces!

The 3rd Friday Art Walk in the University District, Friday, 21 March from 6-9pm. Selected shows:
Gargoyles Statuary - "Marvels of the Muse" by Jeffrey Shaw. Jeff Shaw presents his new unique images of mythology, literary classics, and fantasy. Originals, prints on metal, matted giclee prints, and high detail sculptures will be available.
Also see new work at BC Surf & Sport, Boulevard Grocery, Cafe Allegro, Cafe Solstice, Lucid Gallery, Starbucks Coffee, Trabant Coffee & Chai and more! Don't forget to stop by Boulevard Grocery for a bag of fresh-roasted coffee hand-painted by a local Seattle artist!

"Sabbatical Exhibitions" at Cornish College of the Arts. Friday, 21 March from 5-8pm. In the Main Gallery: This two-person exhibition offers an in-depth look at Art faculty members Robert Campbell and Preston Wadley’s work, following their sabbaticals over the last year. Campbell will be showing several video installations in the gallery, sharing the space with an extensive series of photographs by Wadley. In the Alumni Gallery: Paintings by Jacob Kohn, Cornish faculty member, painted during his recent sabbatical.

Krissy Downing @ HUSH Gallery

Krissy Downing at HUSH Gallery, Saturday, 22 March at 8pm. Come view the whacky, surreal artworks of Krissy Downing at HUSH Alternative Art Gallery in downtown Seattle (west corner of 5th and Stewart - entrance near the alley) and celebrate Krissy's return to her hometown The Emerald City! 

"Bemis Arts Spring Show" at Bemis Arts, Saturday & Sunday, 22-23 March. Come see the work of over 50 artists at the Bemis Art Show at the Bemis Building, one block west of SafeCo Field. Stop in to loft #405 to visit with Visual Artist Mary P. Traverse and Vic Delirium! Live Music • 30 Live/Work Lofts • Historic Building • Free Admission • Invited Guest Exhibitors • Accessible Building

"Open Studios" at Inscape Arts, Sunday, 23 March from noon-6pm. Come see new work from more than 50 artists, and check out artist and studio profiles with new and exciting info on what the studio residents are creating!

"Emerald City Comicon" at the WA State Convention Center, Friday-Sunday, 28-30 March.
The premier comic book and pop culture convention in the pacific northwest! Check out the site to find the latest on everything ECCC, including lists of guests, exhibitors, artists, schedules, gaming and events! "Winter is Coming" (Ltd Gallery's Song of Ice & Fire themed art show) will be featured at the Comicon as well as "Mint Condition" at Ltd Gallery, and the "ECCC Live Art Event" at Q Nightclub! Don't miss actors: Alan Tudyk, Cary Elwes, Eliza Dushku, Karen Gillan, Karl Urban, MacGyver, Ron Perlman, Stephen Amnell; and artists: Brom, Camilla d'Errico, Celine Chapus, Chris Sheridan, Cori Dietsch, Echo Chernik, ENFU, Jeff Smith, Levi Hastings, Matthew Hinshaw, Miketron!, Raven Mimura, Travis Talburt, and many, many more!

"Mint Condition" at Ltd Gallery, Friday, 28 March from 7-10pm. The 3rd annual comic book-inspired art gallery show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Capitol Hill. Featuring over 40 top pop artists paying tribute to their favorite comic book characters and worlds. Show runs through 27 April.
"ECCC Live Art" at Q Nightclub, Friday, 28 March from 8pm-late. Do you love comics? Do you love art? Do you love drinking, dancing and watching amazing comic book artists create art before your eyes? Then you’ll love this event! You can also purchase a raffle ticket to win one of the pieces of art right there at the show! All raffle proceeds will then be donated to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The remaining art created at Live Art will be sold at the ECCC Charity Art Auction on Saturday evening. The proceeds raised from the auction will also be donated to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Join us for a night full of dancing, drinking, art and fun! Ages 21 and over.

"2014 SOIL Auction Spring Fling" at Greg Kucera Gallery, Sunday, 30 March from 1-5pm. Join us for our annual SOIL auction Spring Fling with amazing art and artist-made jewelry. A Bloody Mary Brunch featuring our fabulous auctioneer Laura Michalek and your hostess with the mostest Robbie Turner!


"Nightmare Inductions" @ CoCA
"Nightmare Inductions" at CoCA, Thursday, 16 January through Thursday, 10 April. CoCA is pleased to present Nightmare Inductions, a series of interactive installations by the arts collective Noxious Sector. With the aid of brain wave entraining sound and video, participants are guided through a shared trance induction experience. Each experience focuses on a common nightmare theme. Three separate themes are offered in three induction areas: Dreams of Falling; Dreams of Teeth; and Noxious Sector's most recent creation, Forgetting. 

The SAAM is featuring "A Fuller View of China, Japan & Korea." The exhibition runs through 13 April 2014. Dr. Richard Fuller’s 40 years as the museum’s founding director are the bedrock of its history, and his passion for art resonates with collectors of his time and beyond. In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Seattle Art Museum, this installation shows how Dr. Fuller, his family and friends, and several more recent Seattle collectors, built SAM’s celebrated Asian art collections. Featuring some of SAM’s best-loved works such as the Poem Scroll with Deer, the installation showcases the incredible quality and diversity that make SAM’s Asian art collection one of the finest in the country. The selected Chinese paintings and calligraphy also celebrate the launch of an innovative online scholarly catalogue, a multi-year project sponsored by the J. Paul Getty Foundation. (from

Robert Davidson @ SAM

The SAM is currently featuring a multitude of exhibits! Check out:
"Abstract Impulse" by Robert Davidson. Robert Davidson has been a pivotal figure in the Northwest Coast Native art renaissance since 1969, when he erected the first totem pole in his ancestral Massett village since the 1880s. For over 40 years he has mastered Haida art traditions by studying the great works of his great-grandfather Charles Edenshaw and others. More recently, Davidson has interjected his own interpretation of the old forms with forays into abstraction, explored in boldly minimalistic easel paintings, graphic works and sculpture, where images are pared to essential lines, elemental shapes and strong colors.
The exhibition will feature 45 paintings, sculptures and prints created since 2005, as well as key images from earlier in his career that show Davidson’s evolution toward an elemental language of form.

"In a Silent Way," photographic reflections on African American identities and histories. Show runs through 1 December.
"William Cordova: Machu Picchu After Dark," installation sculpture. Show runs through 19 January 2014.
"From Abstract Expressionism to Coloured Planes." Early in the 1940s, artists in New York began to develop an expressive, abstract style of painting that was a stark departure from previous ideas, both artistically and historically. Up until World War II, the center of artistic production in the West had been Paris, and artists from around Europe, the United States and South America had flocked there to study and to work. This changed profoundly in the 1940s. Featuring Arshile Gorky, Hans Hoffman, Jackson Pollack, and Lee Krasner.

The Henry Art Gallery is currently hosting "The Bikeriders" in the North Galleries, photographic work by Danny Lyon. During the 1960s and 1970s several photographers, including Diane Arbus, Larry Clark, and Susan Meiselas, documented life on the fringes of society, providing a glimpse of counterculture from the inside out. These images were often published as narrative sequences in books that told complex stories in multiple pictures. In the early 1960s Danny Lyon (U.S., born 1942) joined the Chicago Outlaw Motorcycle Club and began photographing his fellow Hell’s Angels while traveling with the club on his 650cc Triumph motorcycle. The result was one of the seminal photographic essays of his generation, and the 1968 publication The Bikeriders that contained over 50 photographs and interviews with Lyon’s subjects. (from Show runs thru 4 May.

The Frye Art Museum is featuring Isamu Noguchi and Qi Baishi: Beijing 1930. This exhibition brings together for the first time the work of two of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, Isamu Noguchi (American, 1904-1988) and Qi Baishi (Chinese, 1864-1957). Comprising drawings, ink paintings, calligraphic works, and sculptures from the University of Michigan Museum of Art, the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, and private and public collections, it presents forty-three works by Noguchi and twenty-three by Qi Baishi. The exhibition and its accompanying publication document the period of six months that Noguchi spent in Beijing and shed new light on the little-known relationship between the two artists. (from  The Frye also hosts an art lecture series every Thursday night.

With this much going on, you couldn't possibly complain that there's nothing to do in Seattle!

Support your local art scene! Cheers.

~ BCDuncan

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