Thursday, March 6, 2014

BURIEN: B-Town Beat & PIONEER SQUARE: Apocalypse, Books, and Infusion

I'm on a mission to explore two art walks this eve! It's Pioneer Square and Burien, and there are too many fun shows going on to miss! I'm joined this eve by my friend and fellow artist, the lovely Corey Skillman, and it's her job to keep me from getting too distracted by shiney things so that we can make it back to Pioneer Square in time to see everything.

We start at my solo show in at SkinPerfect Aesthetics in Burien. I've never been to the B-Town Beat before, but it seems to be gaining traction. SkinPerfect is a beautiful location, my work practically shines against the soft grey walls. 

Braden Duncan's "Mechanical Aviary" @ SkinPerfect

It's a little on the early end, and there aren't many art walkers about yet, so we pop across the street to Phoenix Teas and end up meeting Virginia Wright, the director of the Burien Arts Council, and she treats us to a miniature tea service. 

Phoenix Teas

A little down the road is Jesse Link's solo show at the Burien Press, so we stop in for a look, a chai, and a couple of free Girl Scout cookies.

Jesse Link @ Burien Press

And we're off to Pioneer Square to make an appearance at Corey's opening for "An Evening of Light-Hearted Horror" the HappyTime Apocalypse group show I curated at Laika Lounge. We arrive with plenty of time to catch up with fellow HappyTime artists Sami Saurus, Dusty Rockets, Jeanne Young, and Kendall BH. The walls are awash with adorable creepiness, and it's difficult to pull ourselves a way, but a few more venues await...

Artist Corey Skillman @ Laika Lounge
Artist Sami Saurus @ Lakia Lounge
Artist Jeanne Young @ Laika Lounge
Artist Kendal BH @ Laika Lounge
The HappyTime crew @ Laika Lounge
AXIS: Pioneer Square is hosting "Ex Libris" a 100-artist event curated by Siolo Thompson featuring art works inspired by 100 different works of literature. 
"Ex Libris" @ AXIS

Our last stop of the evening is "Infusion" a group show introducing this year's artist line-up at Roq la Rue. Included are Alessandra Maria, Alessia Iannetti, Andrea Wicklund, Dylan Neuwirth, Femke Hiemstra, Jeff Jacobson, Jeremy Mann, Joanne Nam, John Brophy, Laurie Lee Brom, Lucy Hardie, Nicomi Nix Turner, R Freymuth-Fraizer, Redd Walitzki, Zachari Logan, and a brand new mural by Robert Hardgrave!

"Infusion" @ Roq la Rue
Redd Walitzki @ Roq la Rue

I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings for Pioneer Square!

Support your local art scene! 

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