Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WALLINGFORD: Lucky 7, Blue Star, and Me!

The Wallingford Art Walk is a real gem of the Seattle art community. It looks like the entire community has turned out, and it's fun navigating the neighbourhood accompanied by my roommate Kathryn, a writer by trade, and her grandmum, a fellow artist and photographer. Almost every person we pass has an Art Walk map in hand, although the map seems mostly a formality with so many participating venues (more than 30 at last count). Almost every business on 45th Street is open and showcasing art!

Wallingford Art Wall
My art walk companions
Our first stop is Lucky 7 Salon where I see my watercolours have added an extra splash of fun and colour to Lucky 7's lively aesthetic. My "Tangled Marionette" pantings chronicle a series of figures caught between a desire for transformation and the gossamer trappings that both frustrate and control their movement. "Cheshires" is a whimsical series featuring cats with adorably creepy grins. Visit my website for more information about me, my work, and my current art projects!

Braden Duncan @ Lucky 7 Salon
Braden Duncan @ Lucky 7 Salon
Braden Duncan @ Lucky 7 Salon
Lucky 7 has a couple other artists exhibiting this month as well. Nathan Brend has an incredible series of urban landscape photography, and Shelly Engels' photographs printed on brushed aluminum have a soft ethereal shimmer.

Nathan Brend @ Lucky 7 Salon
A little down the road at Blue Star Cafe & Pub, photographer David Weiner is showing some of his recent work, scenes from the Pacific Northwest, New England, Arizona, and Italy. David shoots most of his photos with an iPhone and enhances the images with Photoshop and various filters to achieve effects such as comic stylings and soft desaturation.

Blue Star Cafe & Pub in Wallingford
David Weiner @ Blue Star Cafe & Pub
The Assistance League Thrift Shop is showcasing the fashion illustrations of Rosanne Gialanella. Rosanne draws inspiration from her experience as an artist, illustrator, personal stylist, and an advocate for beauty and wellness. Her work celebrates life!
Rosanne Gialanella @ Assistance League of Seattle Thrift Store
At Dandelion Salon, I meet artist Valerie Wilsgard, an artist, designer, and colour consultant who is showing a series of oil paintings. She focuses on the natural world by capturing tranquil vignettes with rich hues and lush texture. The colours of her pieces complement the warm tones of the salon so well, even though the combination of art and interior design is a happy coincidence, it looks as though she painted them with Dandelion in mind.

Valerie Wilsgard @ Dandelion Salon
Decorative Heron Fence in Wallingford

There's no way I'll be able to visit all of the venues on the art walk map before 9pm, but the community of Wallingford is charming, and I love being surprised by its numerous graffiti art walls and its every-day fixtures made decorative. Check out the fence in front of the Wallingford Boys & Girls Club, a collaboration between glass artist Rodman Miller and metal artist Mimi Riley. I plan to come back before the next opening in June to visit the art spaces I have to miss this eve.

The last stop on my way home is Chocolati Cafe, one of my favourite places for chocolate, chai, truffles, and other tasty treats. Featured this month is Linda White, a collage artist who creates amazingly realistic landscapes with bits of textured paper. Many of Linda's pieces are inspired by places she's explored while hiking in and around Washington.

Linda White @ Chocolati Cafe
The art walk in Wallingford only happens once every other month! Stop by in June to see more amazing work and to experience the unique community of Wallingford.

Support your local art scene! Cheers!

~ BCDuncan

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