Monday, June 25, 2012

Between Heaven and Hellboy

For Immediate Release


"Between Heaven and Hellboy: Underground, Alternative and Urban Artists Take on Comics, Superheroes and Super Villains.


July 13th, 2012 from 6pm to close at Urban Light Studios, the Greenwood Collective and the Echo Echo Gallery.

Urban Light Studios presents a Kevin Law production. Curated by David Champeau (Booty Resin, MC/Producer/Event Management), Xavier Lopez Jr. (P.I. Culture Blogs, Artist, Echo Echo Gallery) and Zachary Sofia (Rock the Terminal, Art Promotion)

Join us as we celebrate the best alternative artists from Seattle, California and Europe as they come together to take on the forces of good and evil in an art show dealing with all aspects of comics, Superheroes and Super-villains. This group exhibition will focus on an alternative interpretation of all things that come from the four-color world of comics—a theme that has a long tradition in the art world.

This will be a huge show, with artists hailing from as far away as Italy and California—but will have as its primary focus Seattle’s best alternative artists; including Augie Pagan (who designed our awesome poster image), Ego, Carl Faulkner, Ryan “Henry” Ward, Larkin Cypher, Margaret Organ-Kean, Kaja and Phil Foglio, Damon Conklin, Carlos Aguilar, Xavier Lopez Jr. and others. It will include a hugely esteemed list of judges, including tentatively, folks from Fantagraphics and other local art galleries. 

In total, we plan to have approximately 100 of the best alternative artists in this show!

We have created a coalition between art stores (Utrecht) who will be donating gift certificates to give away as awards to artists at the show, comic book shops (Zanadu and Dreamstrand Comics) who are also donating space to put up posters and sharing toys and signed comics to give away and to raffle, and we even have a few comic book websites covering the events of the show (Comic Booked and Comics Bulletin).

Artists involved (so far) include:

Aaron Winnenberg, Adric Hicks, Alexandria, Sandlin, Andrew Miller, Angelina Villalobos, Augie Pagan, Braden Duncan, Brandon “Narboo” Baker, Brian White, Carl Faulkner, Carlos Aguilar, Chani Murat, Chris Cook, Christopher J. Olson, Chris Sheridan, Crystal Barbre, Courtney Putnam, Curtis Ashby, “Cus”, D. Alexis Lopez, Damon Conklin, Dave “Starheadboy” Bloomfield, Debora Scott, Don DeLeva, S.L. Grice, Ego, George Long, George Jennings, Grym, Hera Won, Hillary Gore, Hunter, Jaime Stone, Jeff Mihalyo, Jeff Taylor, Jeremiah “dear earthling” Hammer, Jesse Link, Jenny Dayton, Joe Nix, Joe Vollan, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, J.P. Farquar, Justin Hillgrove, Justin Kane Elder, Kaja Foglio, Kevin “Sensei23” Sullivan, Kyle Abernethy, Levi Hastings, Maj Askew, Margaret Organ-Kean, Mark Tracy, Mark Walker, Marty Gordon, Mary Clymer, Matthew Lewis, Maxx, Maya Uemoto, Meister Wu, Micheal Leone, Mike Capp, Morgue Anne, Neil P. Doherty, Patrick Duffy De Armas, Phil Foglio, Photocoyote, Rob Ripley, Ronnie Taylor, Ryan “Henry” Ward, Scot Porter, Siolo Thompson, Solace Wonder, Tessa Huls, 13fngrs, Tiny, tnglr, Urban Soule, Uwe Arendt, Xavier Lopez Jr. and hopefully Jeff “Weirdo” Jacobson will throw down a piece to complete the show!

I'll be there debuting my newest super-hero themed painting; there will be costumes, creativity, and craziness galore! So come and kick it with your humble narrator, and support your local art scene!

~ BCDuncan

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