Thursday, April 10, 2014

CAPITOL HILL: Paper, Penis, Comic & Collage

It's Art Walk night again on Capitol Hill, and I'm accompanied this evening by artist Corey Skillman and photographer Ken Pedersen. We start at Ghost Gallery, which is celebrating it's 4th Anniversary on the Hill! They're featuring artists Jessica Hoffman and Akiko Jackson with work from the 2013-2014 ArtBridge Fellowship.

Jessica Hoffman at Ghost Gallery
Akiko Jackson at Ghost Gallery
Our next stop is True Love Gallery's "Mo-Wave" with a playful mix of comic, collage, and video work. It coincides with the Mo-Wave Festival, a showcase of queer-friendly talent intended to challenge mainstream cultural stereotypes.

"Mo-Wave" at True Love Gallery

On our way up the Hill we swing into Gay City Coffee, which has serves a fantastic Morning Glory chai and is featuring a fabulous series of cut paper and acrylic portraits by Mark O'Connell.

Mar O'Connell at Gay City Coffee
Artist Corey Skillman & photographer Ken Pedersen at Gay City Coffee
Next is Cloud Gallery above Frame Central, and for me, it's truly the highlight of the evening. Curator Yvette Endrijautzki has included her own assemblage collage sculptures along with large format graphite drawings by Halsey Swain and the ink sketches of Jason Middleton. Each artist has achieved a level of intricacy and detail in their respective media that makes me wish I could be a tiny creature living in one of their worlds.

Cloud Gallery

We continue on to Retrofit Home, a fun hipster-friendly gift shop, featuring work by Jeff Farnam and Curtis Ashby. Jeff's colourful compositions, and Curtis' expressive birds fit right in with the vintage aesthetic.

Jeff Farnam at Retrofit Home
Curtis Ashby at Retrofit Home
Beside Retrofit Home is Cafe Pettirosso, a relatively new art venue on Capitol Hill, also curated by Yvette Endrijautzki. This month the exhibit is a group show featuring myself and 6 other artists with egg and bird themed art. We meet artist Nick Gucker in the space, and we have a fun time talking art in the comfortable gloom. 

"Ovum Sapience" at Cafe Pettirosso
Our last stop of the night is Ltd Gallery and the encore of the "Mint Condition: Issue #3" show that coincided with Comicon. Featured are an extremely talented group of artists with comic inspired work that you should definitely see before the end of the month if you haven't already!

"Mint Condition: Issue #3" at Ltd Gallery

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