Saturday, April 26, 2014

WEAVE Release & Vermillion Art Fair

I've found myself on Capitol Hill the last couple evenings, so I figured these two events wouldn't mind being pictured together. 

Last night I attended the WEAVE Magazine Release Party introducing WEAVE's very first publication, a celebration of the collaboration between artists in Seattle's urban and contemporary art scene featuring 5 local artists. 

WEAVE Release Party

"WEAVE’s mission is to promote and grow this art scene. [WEAVE is] a year round resource for upcoming events & exhibits, a twice yearly publication featuring Seattle artists and an organizer for WEAVE Fest, an annual festival that includes exhibitions, events, forums and temporary installations in the month of September." (from

Daniel Voelker @ WEAVE
Adream de Valdivia @ WEAVE
Robert Hargrave @ WEAVE
Kate Protage @ WEAVE
The release party included work from Adream de Valdivia, Daniel Voelker, Kate Protage, Miguel Edwards, and Robert Hargrave. Each artist has a recognisable style and a unique vision, brought together in this season's issue by the theme of shades of grey and pops of colour reminiscent of a Seattle winter.

Today is the Spring Art Fair at Vermillion, which features pop-up artist booths from some amazing local art spaces. 
Wolfram Art Consulting @ Vermillion

Blindfold Gallery @ Vermillion
I had a fantastic time catching up with Siolo Thompson (representing Wolfram Art Consulting) and Sharon Arnold of LxWxH, as well as the opportunity to meet and talk with Scott Burk of Blindfold Gallery, Beth Cullom from Cullom Gallery, and Robert Yoder of SEASON. 

Sharon Arnold, LxWxH @ Vermillion
Beth Cullom, Cullom Gallery @ Vermillion

SEASON @ Vermillion
I saw pieces I recognised from artists I know an admire and was introduced to new work, some of my favourites included a lovely series of paper cuts by Tokyo artist Ryohei Tanka and a pinhole & pigment series by Ellen Ziegler, both represented at Cullom.

"Spring Art Fair" @ Vermillion
If you aren't able to make it to the Art Fair today, make sure to check out the exhibit at SEASON tomorrow (1 day only!) in the U District, Blindfold Gallery on Cap Hill for the 2nd Thursday Art Walk, and LxWxH in Georgetown for the 2nd Saturday Art Walk! 

Support your local art scene!

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