Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Introducing: The Seattle Arts Coalition!

Art Scene Seattle would like to introduce:
The Seattle Arts Coalition!

I would like to thank all of you who have visited Art Scene Seattle over the past few years for the monthly Art Fix, Calls for Art, info on art spaces, and more! Don't worry, we're not going anywhere; we just wanted to take a moment to introduce an exciting new non-profit organisation to Seattle's art scene. It's the brain child of me (your humble narrator, Braden Duncan of BC Duncan Design) and Rachel Setzer of Setzer Studio Arts. Art Scene Seattle and the Seattle Arts Coalition will be doing a lot of cross-promoting in the upcoming months for art events, exhibitions, Calls for Art, and opportunities for artists and the public to be involved and lend support to our amazing art community.

Please take a moment to check out the Coalition, and feel free to let me or Rachel know if you have any questions or suggestions. We're here as a resource for YOU, so we need to hear from local artists and art spaces to know how we can best help you. Thanks!

A little bit about the SAC...

The Seattle Arts Coalition (SAC) is a non-profit organisation committed to providing artists with necessary tools of the professional art trade and promoting artist engagement in the Seattle community and beyond. We sponsor events for artists and artisans including exhibitions, art fairs, and forums. The SAC offers curating, installation and PR services, as well as advice and questions answered to artists interested in showing and selling their work in the Northwest.

Founded and directed by Seattle artists and curators Braden Duncan and Rachel Setzer, the SAC is our chance to share with fellow artists what we've learned in our quests to turn art making into a career. We want art and the art making process to be more accessible, available, and profitable for artists and their communities - not just locally, but nationally and globally as well. Art has the ability to direct and shift cultural perspective, and Seattle artists should be at the forefront of the contemporary art movement. It starts here in Seattle, as we encourage artists to become more active and involved in their communities, and it spreads as we all do our part to pay it forward. Please join us and help support your local art scene!

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