Friday, April 11, 2014

GREENWOOD: Wings, Encores, and Misfit Kittens

It's the Greenwood Art Walk, and there are some fun events going down at the Greenwood Collective tonight! I head first to my shared studio space, Echo Echo Gallery, where we have a transcendental flight-themed exhibit "Wings of Spring" featuring the usual suspects. We always put on a fun show, and it's a bit of a slow start, but the weather is ridiculously nice, so I suppose can understand why *some* people wouldn't to spend a sunny evening in an art cave...

"Wings of Spring" at Echo Echo Gallery

Except that there's lots of cool stuff down here! Urban Light Studios is sponsoring "To Dance in a Meadow" an art fair fundraiser for the Esthetic Evolution festival in Boise, ID coming up in June. 

"To Dance in a Meadow" at Urban Light Studios

They're also hosting the closing reception of the "Tall Buildings" show.

"Tall Buildings" (encore) at Urban Light Studios

Ryan 'Henry' Ward's Quadrapus Studio is hosting Minneapolis artist CAW who specialises in street art, intricate free-form sketches, and brightly coloured creatures on recycled materials.

CAW @ Quadrapus
I want to wander in a bit of the mild weather while I can, so my friends Chuck and Megan abscond with me and suggest an art space I've never visited before: Warlock Labs. Their poster promises "Misfit Kittens" and we're not disappointed. Artist Dalton Webb has created an adorably tragic series of watercolour & gouache kittens missing various bits and with interesting deformities. His studio mate, Scott Faulkner has a series of pen & ink pin-up ladies accessorised with various video game accoutrements. If you haven't checked out this studio yet, I highly recommend it!

Dalton Webb at Warlock Labs
Scott Faulkner at Warlock Labs

Next month's Art Walk is "The Big One" a two-day art and food festival in Greenwood, so don't miss it!

Support your local art scene!

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