Thursday, April 3, 2014

PIONEER SQUARE: The Anatomical, the Industrial, and the Macabre

It's that time again! 1st Thursday Art Walk is here, and there are so many amazing shows going on, that I know I won't be able to make it to all of them. But I have to start where I curate, so it's Trabant Coffee/Laika Lounge and the "Anatomy & Analogy" show, and I was happily able to catch up with artists Morbid Anatomy, Rachel Setzer an Larkin. The exhibit explores how our bodies, both internal and external, can affect and be affected by both physical and ephemeral elements. Body parts, surgical tools, mechanical bits... what's not to enjoy?

"Anatomy & Analogy" at Laika Lounge

My next stop is the Joe Nix "Exhaustor/Compressor" show at Flatcolor Gallery. It features vignettes of Gasworks Park painted in technicolour detail, and it's fun to see industrial forms rendered in such an organic medium as oil.

Joe Nix @ Flatcolor

AXIS: Pioneer Square is featuring "Parallels" with two artists this month, Tracy Boyd & Tatjana Pavicevic. It's an interesting juxtaposition of expressionistic animal paintings on reclaimed tarps and delicate pencil drawings of textures and dreamlike imagery. The opening reception also featured a haunting performance by the Coriolis Dance Troupe.

"Parallels" at AXIS

The last exhibit of my eve is the newest and shiniest at Roq la Rue. "La Dance Macabre" by Camilla Rose Garcia and "Fire in the Maproom" by Peter Ferguson is an exciting mix of pop surrealist colour explosions and exquisitely detailed every day scenes... with a twist.

"La Dance Macabre" by Camilla Rose Garcia and "Fire in the Maproom" by Peter Ferguson at Roq La Rue Gallery

If you weren't able to make it out for art walk this eve, you can still see the exhibits for the rest of the month!

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