Saturday, April 12, 2014

GEORGETOWN: Mythic Stardust & Victorian Apocalypse

It's the Georgetown Art Attack, and I have the pleasure of adventuring with the lovely Walitzki sisters this evening. I head solo to the Georgetown Liquor Company, my newest curatorial acquisition, to see the HappyTime Apocalypse group show "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And We Feel Adorable)" and to hang a couple last-minute additions. The walls are filled with adorably creepy characters, just as I left them. There's so much to see, the GLC and I decided to keep the show up for a full two months, so if you missed it tonight, you'll have another chance to catch us in May!

"It's the End of the World as We Know It (And We Feel Adorable)" at the Georgetown Liquor Co

Next I stop into Krab Jab Studio whose new show "A Peculiar Alchemy" features the illustration of Norman and Tory Taber. These two have been collaborating for over 20 years, and this body of work would fit right into a Victorian children's storey.

"A Peculiar Alchemy" at Krab Jab Studio

I catch up with Redd and Roxy again at the Georgetown Arts and Cultural Centre. This month they're featuring our friend and fellow artist Seb and "Contemporary Myths" a beautifully rendered series of myths-turned-paintings. The intricate layers of detail are best appreciated in person, close enough to inhale the lingering aroma of oil, but not quite close enough to lick.

Seb, "Contemporary Myths" at Georgetown Arts & Cultural Centre
Seb with artists Redd Walitzki, Roxy Walitzki, and Jan Bosman

Our next stop is LxWxH
featuring "a•nas•to•mo•sis" a solo exhibit by Claire Johnson. The lines and patterns in Claire's newest series of landscapes reference her previous artistic focus on human anatomical structures. LxWxH is in excellent form this eve, and it's fun to catch up with curator Sharon Arnold, and artists Michael Williamson and Allyce Wood.

"a•nas•to•mo•sis"at LxWxH
Artist Michael Williamson & curator Sharon Arnold with Stan Peschel
Artists Allyce Wood & Michael Williamson with Stan Peschel
We can't stay out as late as we'd like, since we all have projects with imminent deadlines to return to, but on our way back to the truck, we have to swing into Spectrum House to see Andrew Miller (aka Mantisart)'s new work and Eight and Sand to see "Stardust" a fun star-themed group show. Eli Wolff's triptych of the Catroauts and the Starwhal is a happy end to an inspiring evening.

Andrew Miller (Mantisart) at Spectrum House
"Stardust" at Eight and Sand

There were a few shows I didn't have a chance to see, including Scott Dalrymple and Nick Gucker at Calamity Jane's and "Intruder" at Fantagraphics, and everything at Equinox... but I'll do my best to kick it down again before the end of the month.

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