Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stolen Art! Please Spread the Word!

Please spread the word! Artist Francisco (Divine Mania) recently had 4 of his paintings stolen from the OK Gallery in Pioneer Square. The Seattle art scene is normally such a safe and supportive place, and this is a horrible thing to have happen, especially for a visiting artist.

I don't think some people realise that stealing art isn't like st
ealing from 'The Man'. It's a one-of-a-kind labour of passion that is truly irreplaceable. And for a lot of us who rely on art to make up some or all of our income, our time and materials are precious, and if a piece is stolen, that's time and materials we don't get back. It sucks pretty hard; my heart goes out to Francisco, and my boots made for kickin' go out to the person who took his work.


From Francisco:

"Four of my paintings from my most recent art show were stolen. The paintings most likely disappeared sometime during the last weekend of April. The paintings were displayed in Seattle in the main lobby of the:

OK Hotel
212 Alaskan Way S.
Seattle WA, 98104

(Otherwise known as OK Gallery during Seattle's Pioneer Square art walk.) The building is secured with code/key entry only. I have filed a police report in Seattle, and an investigation is underway by the police and the building's management. $3,600.00 worth of paintings were stolen. Everybody please keep an eye out for them, especially in the Seattle area, they might be hanging on somebody's wall, or for sale online somewhere. If you have any info about my four stolen paintings please contact me.


To the thief, if he/she sees this somewhere: I'm flattered that you liked my artwork so much, but you not only stole $3,600. worth of my artwork, you stole over 100 hours of my time and labor. You stole some of my favorite 'children.' If you return the paintings in the condition they were in when I had them hanging on the walls then I will not press charges and I will ask no questions. I simply want my artwork back, intact. The art world is competitive and difficult enough, but now I also have to worry about people who lack virtues, swooping in, and stealing over a month of my dedicated time, passion and labor? Shame on you for stealing from a poor artist. Contact me, return the artwork, no questions will be asked and no charges will be filed against you.

The artworks are shown below:

"The Sun at Midnight"
Oil on Canvas, 24", 30"

"The Language of The Birds"
Oil on Canvas 24", 36"

"Into crumpled paper, hope had collapsed."
Mixed Media on Canvas, 30", 30"

"…Our dreams lay still, one wing clutching at air."
Mixed Media on Canvas, 30", 30"

Thanks for the help everyone, and hopefully I will have my paintings returned."

Support your local art scene!

~ BCDuncan

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